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New York Post cover blasted over tasteless Jared Fogle ‘joke’

August 20, 2015
Aaron Polmeer

By Jordan Valinsky

The New York Post’s front page headline is once again making headlines itself.

“Enjoy a Foot Long in Jail,” blared Thursday’s edition with a picture of disgraced former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle. The 37-year-old appeared in a federal court yesterday agreeing to plead guilty to having sex with minors and distributing child porn.

The twisted tale was lewd and disgusting enough, yet for many people the Post crossed a line with its joke about prison rape. Numerous media outlets covered the cover, including the Huffington Post, Mediaite and the Blaze, but it was Gawker that wrote the most brutal takedown, calling it a “front-page rape fantasy.”

Reaction was mostly negative from Twitter users in response to the Post’s tweet blaring the cover:

The Post wasn’t alone in writing the same alleged joke, because a search on Twitter shows the same punchline being made by lots of people over the past few days. In response, people have been calling out those jokesters alerting them how distasteful that joke is, even if Fogle is a human masquerading as a steaming pile of trash:

Yet, leave it to Vice to actually find the angle we’ve all been secretly wondering: How will he be treated in prison? One prisoner told them that because of Fogle’s notoriety, he’ll likely be signaled out and harassed by his fellow inmates.

“His best bet is to do his time in segregation where no one can get to him,” they said.

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