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Niche Live Events: What Does it Take to Get a Huge Audience?

April 06, 2017

By David Reimherr

Carl Landau, a 30-year veteran of magazine publishing, event organizing, and more,  share his insights into hosting a live niche event.

As the brain behind the infamous Camp Niche, Niche Digital Conference, and Super Niche conferences, Landau is more than qualified to share his experiences and know-how on hosting a live event for promoters, associations, and magazine publishers.

Starting a Live Event is Like Starting a Magazine

When you create a magazine, or build a website for that matter, you are looking for an opportunity.

The same theory applies when creating a live niche event: there must be an opportunity. The right amount of opportunity will mean people are interested in attending the event, and more importantly, sponsors and vendors will be interested in highlighting their services. If there is a demand, the event has the potential to succeed.
Landau suggests starting with some research. It’s important to get as many opinions as possible to help determine if the event idea is worthwhile. If event promoters have any hesitation, it’s a good idea to tweak the event to ensure it’s more appealing to a general audience.

Location, Location, Location

Finding the right location is critical to success. It must be centralized to meet the needs of vendors, sponsors, and attendees. So, using a local convention center, hotel meeting room, or outdoor venue is the first step in ensuring attendance. These centers have operational staff who handle the coordination, saving you the hassle of hiring someone to coordinate.

For national events, it is about finding the right city, time of the year, and considering any location factors that could deter people from other counties or states from attending.

Marketing the Network Benefits

The one promoters tend to neglect, but should not, is that of networking. There are two reasons people go to conferences: to learn and to network. Both are equally important; therefore, event organizers must keep these benefits in mind and create an environment that allows them to learn, but also to socialize and network with like-minded professionals.

Landau puts himself in the place of those who have never been to an event before and who are attending alone. He tries to mold his events around opportunities to encourage people who do not know one another to interact. A first-time attendee should not feel awkward at these events; instead, they should feel welcome, casual, and ready to talk.

He suggests integrating activities that break apart groups of those who know one another to encourage people to branch out and meet others.

Having a Good Time is Critical

While educating and offering significant network benefits are crucial, the fact remains that people attend events because they hear about the positive experiences of others. That means you should host an event that has a stellar set of activities.

Landau highlighted how he rented out the NASCAR Hall of Fame for one event, which was highly interactive and even let groups of six work as a pit crew. It was fun, and something an attendee would talk about with others, increasing the likelihood of more participants next year.

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