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On Entrepreneurship, Success, Failure and Personal Branding

December 01, 2014

By Jason Falls

My hope when starting I won’t stop writing at SME – many of you have come to expect me here and that won’t change. But some of my more deep, thoughtful pieces on the industry will now find a home on my site for public speaking and thought leadership in the industry. My one regret in building the audience here at SME was that I did it in a parallel with the company and didn’t keep it for myself. While I’ve never swayed from ensuring you weren’t sold a bad bill of goods — and I don’t think you were — I am now starting something new and just hoping everyone will come with me. Starting a blog from scratch in 2014 isn’t going to be easy and replicating the audience and success (from a blog perspective) of Social Media Explorer won’t likely be possible, but it’s high time my personal perspective had a permanent home. Now it does.

Please do come over to and subscribe. My first piece is a deep dive into the conversation about Social Media ROI. And remember that it’s not SME or, it’s SME and There will still be great content here from me and from others, including Nichole, Tracey, Jay, Matt and more. But there will be great content over at my place, too.

Thank you for being part of my great adventure. We’ve only just begun.

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