On-Target: What’s New With Twitter For B2B Marketers In 2021

June 02, 2021

By Lane Ellis

Twitter dartboard image.

What’s new with Twitter for B2B marketers in 2021?

With more than 199 million active daily users and available in over 40 languages, Twitter has continued its growth as a platform for both B2B and direct-to-consumer brands looking to creatively showcase products and services.

It’s also increasingly used to tell brand stories and as a customer communication tool.

When it comes to new feature launches, Twitter has ramped up its pace, helping it make significant gains as a social media platform not just for consumers, but also for a greater number of professional business users than ever.

Let’s take a look at seven of Twitter’s most recent feature roll-outs, changes, and announcements of forthcoming offerings, with an eye towards how B2B marketers can use Twitter in new ways .

1 — Super Followers For B2B Brands

Twitter recently began testing more visible integration of its forthcoming “super followers” feature — which will allow brands and creators to offer subscription-only bonus content on the platform — with a new super follower count that is likely to appear alongside the traditional standard account follower numbers.

Brands will likely be able to provide subscriber super followers with exclusive content in the form of:

  • Tweets that only super followers can view
  • Fleets — 24-hour tweets that then disappear — exclusively for subscribers
  • Spaces — Clubhouse-like voice conversations — offered to premium subscribers

Subject matter experts (SMEs) and B2B influencers alike could also look to super followers as a way to provide exclusive perks to their followers.

SMEs could also become super followers of the brands they co-create content with or otherwise support, which would likely bring with it a visual super follower support profile badge, helping to lend an additional degree of authority to brand and influencer collaborations and how they use Twitter to tell stories together.

2 — Brand Profile Verification Process Reopens & Is Paused

For the first time since November, 2017 Twitter recently began allowing users to apply for verified profile status and get a blue check-mark — a status mark that only less than one percent of its user accounts presently possess.

The response, however, proved to be overwhelming, causing Twitter to temporarily pause profile verification requests after just over a week.

As the new option began rolling out recently, a verification application option had appeared within Twitter user’s account settings — an option that is now on hold as Twitter re-groups and considers new plans to re-open the process.

Twitter has noted that the verification pause is temporary, and has stated that it plans to soon re-open requests from brands and the public.

A blue check-mark is only one element to consider when seeking to build brand trust, and Twitter will need to tread lightly as it resumes its verification process, so as to avoid over-approving the mark, or making it too difficult to qualify for.

3 — Will Greater Reaction Choices Help B2B Marketers?

Twitter doesn’t currently have the wide range of single-click reactions to content published on the platform in the way that Facebook, …read more

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