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Online Marketing News: Beer, Blogs, Snapchat Memories and B2B Content Struggle

July 08, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Tiffani Allen



If Your Blog Were a Beer, What Kind Would It Be?
At first glance, beer and blogs don’t seem to have a whole lot in common. But, like the diverse beverage, blogs have many different flavors and origins of their own. We even consume blogs and beers at roughly the same rate. This infographic, complete with a silly and delicious metaphor, breaks down the hierarchy of blog types and beer types leading to one solid conclusion, be original and substantial in your blog.

Snapchat Just Revealed a New Feature Called ‘Memories’ That Saves Snaps
For those of us who don’t have a great memory, Snapchat has come up with yet another way to save us from ourselves. In a new channel called My Eyes Only, Snapchat is allowing users to save still images or videos into a video collage that’s passcode protected for later reference. Otherwise, users can save these memories in narrative format as ‘flashbacks’. The channel’s switch from the 10-second disappearing message to something more long lasting may translate into their own staying power, only time will tell. AdWeek

B2B Marketers Struggle to Create Effective Content Marketing Materials
With the rising acceptance that content marketing for B2B is a viable and necessary tactic, B2B companies are finding they still struggle with effective content creation. Of all types of content, research reports and videos ranked among the top in terms of production difficulty. These concerns are leading many B2B companies to outsource their content needs to specialists. eMarketer

Content intelligence platform Conductor adds DeepCrawl integration so customers’ sites are tested for search crawls
Conductor, a content intelligence firm, provides insights for companies eager to learn how their content performs in search through platforms like Facebook and Google. According to Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik, “We found almost all [of our most successful customers] use some site crawler to make sure there are as few errors as possible,” but described their site auditing tool as “rudimentary.” To help provide a better service, the company is integrating with a powerful web crawler, called DeepCrawl, which will allow users to see high-level insights about their sites along with the ability to drill down to understand what changes their developers need to make. Marketing Land

Twitter is testing 2 new customer service features that brands will love
In a feature reminiscent of Facebook, Twitter is now displaying statistics that show when brands are most responsive on the platform. This may only be a test, but will help users understand when they’re most likely to see a customer service response to their Tweets. The platform is now also allowing ‘featured’ tweets in a tab that could have implications for answering common customer questions — like when a site is down for maintenance — as well as help brands promote featured content. The Next Web

Report: What marketers can learn from the biggest brands on Instagram
TrackMaven just released a report called “The Fortune 500 Instagram Report: 2016 Edition” …read more

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