Personalization is Changing Marketing, Here's What To Expect

December 03, 2021

By Jeanne Hopkins

Learn how to run more impactful, measurable marketing campaigns.

Want to capture more conversions and engage more leads? You’ll want to get personal. But how can marketers make this personalized approach work for their brands?According to The State of Personalization Report 2021 by Twilio, businesses are struggling to make the best use of this new paradigm: While 85% of companies believe they’re offering personalized experiences, just 60% of consumers agree. To help your brand bridge the gap, we’ve analyzed the report to discover just how personalization is changing marketing — and what it means for your business.

60 Ways Personalization is Changing Marketing

  1. Customization is not personalization. Customization is explicit, while personalization is implicit.
  2. There is a growing willingness among consumers to trade information for a personalized experience.
  3. IP recognition software will provide an experience that is dynamically constructed for individual users.
  4. You can achieve intent-driven personalization by understanding what people engage with on your site.
  5. Never forget that no matter how much technology changes, the key to great marketing is having an in-depth understanding of users.
  6. Personalization is the next wave of the communal public user experience.
  7. Delivering personalized messages to specific audiences at the right time is the holy grail of marketing.
  8. The future of marketing is in making websites, products, or experiences personal in a deeply meaningful way.
  9. The personalization of search results offers an opportunity to increase your visibility for really relevant searches.
  10. The social, gesture, and location aspects of personalization are the key elements driving online advertising.
  11. The potential to engage customers contextually based on a need and serve that in real-time will drive mobile devices as they become payment vehicles.
  12. The advent of newer technologies, social networking, and database profiling offers the ability to help people find what they need and serve them what they desire.
  13. Personalization has moved beyond segmentation to algorithmically-driven content.
  14. People want to share what they do and information about themselves if you give them the chance to do it.
  15. Personalization is about leveraging what you can from individuals when they come to your inbound customer touch-points.
  16. Don’t think about the different groups you want to market to. Think about the power of one and how to reach that person in the most customized and creative way.
  17. There are three pillars of personalization: real-time, what is hot, and local.
  18. Use personalization and customization of landing pages to drive better conversion rates.
  19. The three-step approach to personalization is: listen, educate, engage.
  20. Think in terms of customer-centric recommendation engines rather than company-centric selling engines.
  21. There is a growing need for social media managers to pivot their strategies to connect with consumers.
  22. The future of personalization will reward publishers that provide better content.
  23. Personalization is about creating a natural process of conversation between companies and customers.
  24. Use personalization to give customers a great experience.
  25. Personalization is not just an opportunity but is a …read more

    Source:: HubSpot Blog