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PPC Analytics Strength: Building A Stronger Revenue Stream With Less Traffic

December 12, 2016

By Today’s Industry Insider


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With what seems like an endless amount of PPC metrics out there, it can be challenging to navigate all those numbers to find out what’s actually making you money in your PPC campaigns.

By having a better understanding of the various Google, Facebook, Twitter and other PPC analytics, you can drill down on the benchmarks that truly matter.

Kissmetrics and KlientBoost have partnered up to bring you these PPC analytics tips that can help you increase your revenue stream with more conversions, sales, and revenue, all with less traffic.

That way, you can measure the PPC stats that matter most, when it comes to reaching your business goals.

You’re Optimizing for Traffic Without Thinking About Other Factors

Sure, attracting the most amount of traffic to your site and landing pages sounds exciting.

After all, it’s a numbers game right?

Not if all that traffic isn’t the right type of traffic. If you’re not drawing in quality traffic, then more visitors does not mean more revenue.

Rather than focusing solely on PPC analytics like clicks, impressions, quality scores and click through rates (CTRs), take a look at the bigger picture and analyze macro metrics that tell you more about revenue streams.

Find out if your optimized traffic is quality traffic that’s actually converting into sales.

Ask Yourself: How do I lower my cost per conversion first? Are my landing pages optimized for the type of traffic that’s coming in?

You can focus on lowering your cost per click once you understand the conversion cost metrics first. This will keep you focused on your overall business goal.

You’re Optimizing for Conversions Without Accounting for Revenue

Are your conversions turning into actual money-generating sales?

If your PPC campaigns are focused more on increasing conversions and lowering your cost per conversions, you’re headed in the right direction. A lower cost per conversion can help you afford more effective ad spend.

When optimizing for conversions you naturally put your attention toward making your landing page offers convert by being relevant and valuable to your visitors.

In this stage you are no longer focused on cost per clicks and see a more full story.

Here’s an example of when you might think a certain cost per conversion is outperforming the other:

Keyword 1 looks better in this example

But what if you had more information and more details to the story?

Here’s the same keyword example but with sales metrics:

two-keywords-conversionNow Keyword 2 looks like it’s winning

Dig a little deeper into your PPC analytics to uncover sales related info. This can tell you more about your conversions and whether or not they’re actually helping you reach your revenue goals.

Optimizing for conversions can be a step above optimizing for traffic, but if you’re …read more

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