Purple craze: Brands show support online for #SpiritDay

October 15, 2015
Aaron Polmeer

By Jordan Valinsky

The Internet is basking in purple today as numerous brands, celebrities and normals all have changed their profile pictures as a way to show support for Spirit Day.

Currently in its fifth year, the holiday was created by GLAAD as a way to take a “stand against bullying and show their support” for LGBT youth with the purple symbolizing the “spirit on the rainbow flag.”

#SpiritDay, the official hashtag, has been used more than 12,000 times according to data from Brandwatch, with the sentiment around it being “extremely positive” at 91 percent and garnering 405 million impressions so far. The conversation surrounding the hashtag is from people showing their support and unity for LGBT youth.

Similar to when the #LoveWins hashtag trended in June, brands quickly jumped on the viral trend showing its support for the LGBT community.

YouTube was the biggest platform to show its support:

Target purchased a Snapchat filter, tinged in purple:

Some Comcast and NBC-owned networks, a corporate GLAAD sponsor, also changed its social icons to purple:

Streaming services also acknowledged it:

In comparison to #LoveWins, fewer media organizations changed their social media icons today with just a smattering of companies doing it:

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