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Reach and Influence: Your First Marketing Priority

December 13, 2016

By EricEnge

Posted by EricEnge

When you first start out with content marketing, you often have a very basic challenge: you have to build an audience for your content. Even if you’re a large brand with lots of people who are passionate about you, they’re not yet conditioned to see you as a publisher of valuable content. In other words, either way, you’ve got work to do.

In today’s post, I’m going to outline why you should focus on reach and influence, and how to do it so that your content marketing efforts can deliver the maximum ROI.

Map your marketplace

The first thing to realize is that number of potential customers in a marketplace is finite, and so are the number of major media sites and blogs that have any real audience. A typical audience reach for the bloggers and media in a marketplace might look something like this:

Traditionally, SEOs have focused on trying to publish content on as many different domains as possible. In the early days of SEO, the theory was that getting links from as many different domains as you could was how you maximize overall rankings impact.

This still has an element of truth to it today if you view the Google algorithm from a narrow perspective, but I believe it’s best to take a more holistic view of the market. Frankly, I don’t want the hard task of fighting for every link I get; I want people to give them to me because I’ve shown I deserve them.

I don’t want to fight for every link I get; I want to earn them because I’ve shown I deserve them.

For that reason, we urge our clients to focus on building authority, reach, and influence. If you do this well, you establish a solid base for earning links organically. Consider the value of publishing content and having it get links with minimal effort on your part.

While you all shudder at the concept of “build it and they will link to you,” if you implement a fully integrated campaign with an audience that is anxious to see what you have to say, the task of attracting links becomes significantly easier.

To make that work for you, you’ll need relationships with key influencers, bloggers, and media people, and you’ll need to prioritize who are the people who can help you most.

The catch is, the most influential players in a marketplace have assets to protect (their relationship with their audience), and they’re not going to help you unless you find ways to help them bring even more value to their audience.

That means you’ll need to establish your business as a top source of content and ideas. You’ll also need to be seen by them as a partner, and that you support their goals, not just your own. So now, let’s get to work!

Identify your real audience

First, let’s look at another map, this time looking at the makeup of the people in a given market:

Who in this chart …read more

Source:: Moz Blog