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Save Time With Agile Email Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

March 02, 2021

By Magan Le

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“Hey, would you mind sending a follow-up email?”

You’re already barely keeping up with your workload when you get the dreaded, last-minute email request.

With everything else on your plate, you now need to pause to get that second email out the door, and then play catch-up with everything else on your plate…

Sound familiar?

We know you’re constantly being asked to send more emails with less resources.

And sometimes, it’s unavoidable. When your business’ and subscribers’ needs change, you must be able to adapt quickly to stay relevant or risk your email marketing program suffering.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be so difficult.

Enter agile email marketing.

Here, let’s break down what agile email marketing means, why it matters, and how you can use it to scale and send more effective emails faster — without breaking a sweat.

What is agile email marketing, anyway?

Agile email marketing is a way to be flexible and adapt to change by focusing on data and your subscribers’ needs while using a modular process so you can send effective emails faster.

Before diving deeper into agile email marketing, we first have to mention the agile methodology.

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The agile methodology is a project management process that started in software development, giving teams the flexibility to adapt and respond to changes quickly. This way, teams could constantly improve and innovate, staying on top of their users’ needs and beating their competition to market.

There are many ways this agility is possible, but the three things we carry over into agile email marketing are:

  • Focusing on customer needs
  • Making data-driven decisions
  • Collaborating across teams

So while agile email marketing doesn’t require using the agile methodology, it takes its essence to create a more efficient way to send emails.

In other words, agile email marketing helps you prioritize your emails, gets all stakeholders on the same page, and maximizes your teams and resources to streamline your production process. With teamwork and a clear understanding of goals, you won’t bat an eye at last-minute email sends or changing priorities.

Sound too good to be true?

Agile email marketing does require a shift in mindset — instead of planning the big campaigns you’re used to, you’ll need to plan for iterative change in a test-and-learn environment.

For example, instead of mapping out and creating all the emails in your entire welcome or onboarding journey, start small with only the first email. Do some A/B testing to figure out what your audience is most receptive to, optimize, and use what you learn to continue building out the rest of your nurture journey — one email at a time.

Your goal is progress, not perfection. But don’t worry, this shift isn’t all or nothing. Even the smallest steps toward changing how you think about emails and the workflow to become agile can have huge …read more

Source:: HubSpot Blog