Senator Bob Dole Honored On Social Media By Americans On Both Sides Of The Aisle

December 05, 2021

By Adam

Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, 98, died on Sunday. In February, the former Republican senator of Kansas said that he was currently being treated for stage four lung cancer. Elizabeth Dole (85), a former Republican senator of North Carolina, is his widow.

We are sad to announce the passing of Senator Robert Joseph Dole in his sleep early this morning. His death at the age of 98 was his third in a series of 79-year stints of faithful service to America. We will have more information soon. #RememberingBobDole,” the Elizabeth Dole Foundation (@DoleFoundation) announced via Twitter.

Sen. Dole was an American World War II veteran who sustained serious wounds while fighting in Italy. He was injured when a German bullet struck his upper back, right arm and collarbone. These injuries caused him to have limited mobility in his right hand and left arm as well as numbness.

Dole became a politician after the war and served for 27 years, including two terms as Senator for Kansas. Dole is most famous for the unsuccessful 1996 campaign against President Bill Clinton, which was his third attempt to win the White House. In 1976, after Vice President Nelson Rockefeller had declined to run for the presidency in 1976 and Gerald Ford elected him as his running mate.

This Generation Is The Greatest

On Sunday there was a remarkable display of unity among a divided country. There was a flood of praise from both sides for Senator Dole. Many had nothing negative to say about this man, who dedicated his entire life to public service.

Senator Bob Dole was a dedicated supporter of the American experiment, and to its highest ideals. Today we need to reflect on our mutual service and vow to follow the example set by Bob Dole for America. Judy and me join the nation to mourn the loss of an exceptional American life,” tweeted Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Republican House Leader (@GOPLeader).

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Indiana (@RepJimBanks), praised Sen. Dole and wrote, “RIP Sen. Bob Dole, Majority Leader and proud member of the greatest generation. “Thank you so much for all your sacrifices to serve our country.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.Calif.), (@SenFeinstein), was one of many who served with Dole in Congress to take a moment and honor him by writing: “Bob Dole dedicated all his life to the country. He first served in World War II, then represented Kansas in Congress for 35 years. It was …read more

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