Survey Results Are In: The Marketer’s View on Metrics & Priorities

November 19, 2015
Aaron Polmeer

By Today’s Industry Insider

First of all, a tremendous thanks to everyone who shared their feedback on our recent survey. We hope it’s the first of many discoveries we can share. We want our blog to cover the topics that you care about, so please share any suggestions in comments, in future surveys, or by email to

Here’s our top 5 surprises that we found from your responses:

  1. We are advocates. Some of the obvious findings are trends that most marketers know; word of mouth is important, especially with the advent of social. But we found that not only are our readers on the receiving side of word of mouth, you’re also the first to provide recommendations when you find a tool or product that works for you.
  2. Data visualization drives cross-business success. And while data visualization is a priority, it’s not because you need basic analytics. It’s because you are distributing your insights throughout your company as part of your goal to share value of your work. It’s directly linked to management support and shared confidence in results. The data visualization is key not just to internal communication for decisions, it’s appreciated across an organization to show business program value and articulate other top level issues. Sophisticated users are leaning on data visualization to prove tool value across the company.
  3. We all dig into the people details. Another correlation hinted that where organizations used analytics to make business decisions, consumer behavioral tracking was a key priority.
  4. Most analytics tools are complementary, not competitive. For blog readers, your favorite tool overall was Google Analytics, and of course Kissmetrics. We’ll definitely continue to write to those categories. We also saw a spread of social media tool mentions across ad and content applications.
  5. Everyone has their own favorite feature, but we all want them to connect. Your absolutely necessary feature set? That was an even wider gamut of response. Connections between systems is a recurring theme, as well as data visualization, funnel reports, and segmentation. Integrations and use of API to connect disparate systems work in tandem with data visualization to communicate across the business.

Does this sound like you? Is there anything we missed? As we continue to print the 3D model of what the analytical marketer looks like, we hope to hear from each of you.

About the Author: Maura Ginty is the VP of Marketing at Kissmetrics.

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