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The 5 Best Retention Marketing Tactics for Your Online Store

May 10, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Alex McEachern


Retention marketing is focused on creating value from customers you already have, rather than solely focusing on acquiring new customers. Retention marketing is most powerful when you customize your strategy based on your own store’s lifecycle. While not every tool will work for every business, here are the top retention tools available, and when you should use them.

How to Select Retention Tactics

There is no single retention tactic that is the best for every store. The ideal strategy will depend on the stage your business is in. The later in your journey you are, the more you should be investing in retention marketing.

Retention marketing tactics are complementary; you will see the most success when you use a few of them in tandem to develop your own strategy. For example, a loyalty program becomes extremely effective when you pair it with retention emails reminding existing customers of point balances and opportunities to get rewarded. It all fits into a bigger customer retention strategy.

5 Retention Marketing Tactics That Work

These aren’t the only retention marketing tactics out there, but these are the tactics that we’ve seen customers have the most success with, as part of their retention strategy.

1) Amazing Customer Service/Experience

Let’s start basic. Your customer service and customer experience are one of the most signficant contributors to customer retention. If a customer didn’t enjoy shopping with you, they will not be back. Or, if they had a post-purchase concern that was not addressed, they won’t want to shop with you again.

If you’re looking into more advanced customer retention tactics, the most important one is to ensure your service and experience are top notch. Looking for inspiration? Check out these tips to improve your customer service.

2) Support Systems

Support systems allow you to provide that top notch service your customers are craving. It also allows you to turn customers with problems into loyal, lifetime customers. Many questions occur after a purchase. By answering them appropriately, you can nurture these customers into a profitable, lifetime customer.

Tools like help desks and live chat systems allow you to add a human touch to the support of your online business. A human touch is exactly what customers need to come back again and again.

Live chat software is one of the easiest ways to give your store a human feel. Customers like to deal with other people not automation, since it makes them feel valued. Depending on the level of support you need to provide, you can start small with limited live chat and move up into larger help desk software when you’re working across a larger team.

3) Retention Emails

Many of you are likely already using email marketing to sell your products, but likely not doing it with a retention marketing mentality. Instead of using email to showcase your latest products and sales, strategically use it to encourage past customers to …read more

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