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The negative effects of social media on relationships

November 18, 2019

By Jacob Maslow

Have you ever sat in a room with your partner
and both of you are on your phones? Perhaps this happens for a few hours each
day, or every single night for hours on end. Are you checking your social media
pages, instead of checking up on your partner? In this decade, people are
interacting less face to face more than ever. Many couples have even become
addicted to social media. If you are on your phone more often than you are with
your partner in reality, then this article is for you. According to CompleteCase
and Social Media Explorer, social media can have a
really negative impact on your relationships. From losing friends to cheating
on your spouse, and it can even create a negative body image.

  1. Social media is addictive

Yes, you have read
this correctly. Social media is as addictive as taking drugs. The sad thing is,
that this addiction is more prevalent among children. Have you ever stopped to
think about how many hours or minutes you spend on social media each day? You
might be surprised. You can only imagine how this kind of addiction can affect
relationships. Have you ever been to a restaurant, and most people are sitting
looking at their phones instead of talking to their partners or friends. If you
go to schools, you can see groups of kids sitting on their phones, rather than
interacting with each other face to face. Many psychologists reckon that 5 to 10% of Americans are addicted to social
media. According to a study done at Harvard University, when people are going
through social media platforms, it lights up the same part of the brain, that
also ignites when taking things such as drugs. It is a dopamine inducing. So if
you are addicted to social media, you could be checking your feeds, or notices
compulsively throughout the day. It could be so bad, that you check your
account, every few minutes. Imagine the impact of this on your work, your
relationships and your social life. You could be sitting with friends, but not
interacting with them, because you are too busy checking your social media
pages. If you are in a marriage this could also really pose a problem. Instead
of reconnecting at the end of each day, you could both, just be on your phones.
You could be missing out on the valuable conversation, which strengthens your
marriage; or even be missing out on sex; Which is a really important part of marriage
to promote intimacy between couples.

Here are ways to tell
if you have a social media addiction that could be affecting your

  • Do you use
    social media so much, that it has a negative impact on your work and studies?
  • Do you spend
    a lot of time thinking about social media? Or planning on using social media?
  • Do you feel
    stressed out if you can’t use social media?
  • Do you feel
    the urge to use social media more and more often?
  • Do you try to
    reduce the amount of time you spend on social media, but don’t succeed?
  • Do you use
    social media to forget about your problems?
  • Is social
    media affecting your relationships with others?

If you answer yes to some of these questions,
you …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer