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The Winner of the Live Streaming Battle Is Obvious…Here’s Why

January 05, 2017

By Dakota Shane

The battle to be the top live streaming service is in full swing. Periscope, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and others all seem to be competing for the “iron throne” of live streaming, a pocket of social media which will occupy a sizable niche in the forthcoming years.

Sounds interesting, right? Almost like a movie. The problem is this: the winner is obvious, and the ensuing battle will be more like a 4 game sweep, less like a 7 game series.

The Winner is Going to be Facebook Live… and it Won’t Even be Close

Now, this doesn’t mean there won’t be room for other live streaming services. There will always be room for a Lyft where there is an Uber, a Pepsi where there is a Coke, and a Burger King where there is a McDonald’s. What this does mean is the clear-cut market leader will be Facebook.

Here are some reasons why…

1. There’s No Escaping It

On Facebook, if someone is live streaming, you will be notified. At least once, but probably more like 12 damn times.

This is because it is part of a platform that is bigger than Facebook Live. Between your mobile devices, desktop and beyond, Facebook is everywhere now. Whereas Live.Me and other standalone apps are only able to reach those people inside their app.

You could make the argument that YouTube Live and Periscope are also part of a platform bigger than themselves, but Twitter does not boast a billion person user base and YouTube for the most part acts as a stop-and-go platform for users.

2. Unafraid to Shamelessly Copy

Facebook Live’s competitors do have some distinct advantages over it. Here are a few…

YouTube Live

Connecting with an already close-knit community of YouTubers in a more intimate setting. Facebook influencers do not have anywhere near the voracious fandom YouTube stars do.


Periscope has the advantage of leveraging an influencer’s Twitter audience. Now that Meerkat is gone, it also has the first dibs factor when it comes to the live streaming marketplace, which Facebook Live lacks.

Live.Me & Other Apps

The advantages of Live.Me and other hipper live streaming apps is simple: younger people, particularly millennials, like it better. This is even more true for kids in their mid to late teens, who consider Facebook about as unsexy as HP, Yahoo, or Joe Biden in a speedo.

While it is true these services have advantages Facebook Live does not. The issue here is if Facebook doesn’t have something, they’ll just create their own. And they’ll create it quickly.

With Instagram Stories, Messenger Day, Workplace by Facebook, Facebook Gaming, ephemeral messaging, and a ton more, it’s clear Facebook does not care whether they shamelessly clone a product or not. I’m sure the trend will continue.

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Source:: Social Media Explorer