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The worst people of SXSW 2017 (it’s still early)

March 12, 2017

By Bethany Biron

South by Southwest is in full swing, which means 80,000 people in tech and media have descended on Austin in search of thought leadership, booze, barbecue and tacos. As SXSW is hitting a bit of a midlife crisis, we’re reviving the worst people of SXSW with an updated and expanded batch of loons doing their best to keep Austin weird. (Feel free to send us your thoughts and suggest others on Twitter @Digiday.)

The Moocher
For some, SXSW is an inspiring glimpse of the future. For others, it’s a good excuse to cadge some free drinks and appetizers. This person, many times a member of the reporter class, not only knows how to sneak into all the parties with open bars, but can weasel their way into film premieres and private gatherings. While they have no plan to open their wallet, they likely shelled out the $10 on the SXSW Free Shit Guide back in February.

The Gym Rat
Brand rules everything. Just because you’re at SXSW doesn’t mean that your workout selfies should stop. This species would rather skip SXSW sessions and go to the gym at their hotel. That’s dedication. Your company pays thousands of dollars for you to get inspired by creative people at SXSW, but you opt to get on the treadmill at 10 a.m.?

The Vape Enthusiast
This isn’t Denver, so pot isn’t legal here (technically), but vapes are. One moment you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, the next you’re suddenly enveloped in a cloud faintly reminiscent of, what is that, tangerines? It’s not just you: It does smell like a Paul Simon concert. By the time you escape the first billow, you’re eclipsed by another. Might as well not fight it.

The Guy Who Didn’t Get His FT Weekend

The Power Outlet Clogger
This person’s battery is running low but has to keep tweeting, so they plug into their phone as soon as they see a power socket. It does not matter where this outlet is. They feel a sweet relief of their phone charging, ignoring all around them.

The Disgruntled Tweeter
Air travel can bring out the worst in us. Flight delays are never fun and what better catharsis than to complain about it on Twitter? This person knows ultimately there is no advantage to this — no, Delta will not get your flight there sooner as a result of your complaint, and they likely won’t cut you a discount either. But, damn, does it feel good to complain in 140 characters.

The Overly Friendly Twitter Acquaintance
This person usually means well, but after a few drinks may start blowing up your @notifications and sliding into your DMs. Though you’ve never …read more

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