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The Year of Customer Experience: How Ecommerce Brands Can Prepare

January 20, 2017

By (Kaleigh Moore)

This year will be an important one for ecommerce brands, hinging largely on one specific element — customer experience (CX).

According to Gartner data, 42% of CEOs say that better CX was “the key change that has driven more wins.” Furthermore, for 80% of B2B customers, CX is the biggest influencer in the decision to work with a certain vendor. And, Walker insights indicate that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiators.

That data emphasizes the significance of CX, but what do online retailers really need to know about it? And with 89% of organizations competing on customer experience, what’s the best way to stand out? Download our free guide to learn how to more effectively use and measure  customer loyalty programs for your business.

In this post, we’ll explore those questions, and look at some examples of brands who already reap the benefits of building a strong online experience.

The Growth of Experience

To better understand why more brands are putting an emphasis on improving their CX, let’s discuss how it’s evolved. We’re already seeing CX come to the forefront in many different formats. For example:

When we look at experience-related changes that are happening around us, the above examples are merely at the tip of the iceberg. But what we can glean from them is that online CX takes on much more importance than it has in the past — in fact, 76% of consumers say they view this experience as the true test of how much a company values them.

So what changes can be made in the ecommerce world to improve the overall experience? Let’s look at some examples from ecommerce brands who are stepping up their online CX, and find the elements of their successes that we can learn from.

How Brands Can Improve Online Experiences

1) Marucci Sports

The Takeaway: Emphasize the Story

We can take a page from the book of Marucci Sports, the brand that redesigned its site to be both story-centric and mobile-friendly. Using strong visuals and compelling copy — with responsive design — to highlight relationships with players, Marucci was able to increase mobile conversions by 50%.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 8.16.12 AM.png

2) Di Bruno Bros.

The Takeaway: …read more

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