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Tips & Templates for Truly Memorable Product Announcements

March 24, 2020

By (Meghan Keaney Anderson)

Your organization spends time and money researching, developing, and implementing a great product. The next (ongoing) step is to bring awareness to that product and its changes. That’s where you come in. In the product marketing space, you have three main goals: increase the number of users, improve adoption and loyalty of those users, and reduce churn. As the development team continues to reduce friction by adding or improving features, users must be made aware of these changes so you can fuel your flywheel.

The effort that will have the most impact in this endeavor is investing in your product announcement strategy.

You can likely envision the palpable excitement your prospects will have for your new product or feature, but at the same time, it may seem daunting to get the word out. We have some tips, best practices, and templates to help you out.

New Product Announcement Example

New product announcements will be different for every brand, depending on who the audience is and how big of an update or announcement is required. The one thing all product announcements have in common is that they engage existing customers. Initially, this is done with a product announcement email that outlines:

  • Who the new product or update benefits
  • The reason for the change or addition
  • The problems and pains that it solves
  • How best to take advantage of it

To set the product announcement up for success, you may also choose to strategize a supporting launch campaign. In addition to the initial announcement email, this may include:

  • A reminder email sequence to keep the product top of mind
  • In-app or in-product tutorials or notifications
  • Social posts and ads to reach users and fans outside of email
  • Product or feature demos for high-profile users and all new customers
  • Demos or promotional materials for tradeshows or other events
  • Blog posts and promotion for large releases and announcements

All of the above are examples of how to get the word out about your new product or feature set.

Tips for Truly Memorable Product Announcements

Here are a few ideas for planning out your next product launch or other company announcements.

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Source:: HubSpot Blog