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TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden Educates B2B Marketers on SEO for Content Marketing

February 22, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Knute Sands

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As content marketing professionals, most of us would consider SEO a highly technical domain. Best leave that to the real nerds, right? Wrong. Google, Bing and all the other search engines have significantly altered their algorithms in the past few years. And these changes continue to favor the highest quality content, often rewarding smart content marketers with first position rankings.

With a bit of SEO sweet sauce, your content marketing sandwich will taste much better to search engines, and users too. Below, I will explore 4 major themes from TopRank Marketing CEO, Lee Odden’s recent Content2Conversion talk on SEO for Content Marketers, including:

  • The State of SEO in 2016
  • Understanding Self-Directed Buyer Behavior
  • How to, “Be The Best Answer”
  • How to Create Smarter Integrated SEO Content for The Web

First things First: Optimizing for Users

Let’s start by getting one thing straight about “optimization.”  As content marketers, we shouldn’t be optimizing our content for search engines. As Lee often points out, “Google doesn’t pay the bills. Your buyers pay the bills.” Therefore, optimize for users, not search engines.

Old SEO rules would have you stuffing websites with keywords, creating thousands of new pages, tagging YouTube videos with every keyword you can get your hands on, and hoping something sticks. We give you permission to stop doing most, if not all of those things.

Part I: The State of SEO in 2016

So, how are most content marketers utilizing SEO in 2016? And more importantly, does SEO even matter anymore? Yes it matters. But content marketers and even many SEOs are failing to take advantage of recent algorithm changes. So, here’s a snapshot from the front lines of the industry on what most content marketers actually do with SEO:

Content Marketers_SEO Tactics

  • Implement more than 1-2 tactics (10-20%).
  • Perform Tech SEO Audit (Maybe).
  • Make a list of keywords.
  • Use keywords in titles, links, copy etc.
  • Share on social and wish for links.
  • Review monthly rankings reports

The problem with the list above is it looks a lot like 2010. Things have changed, and you should too.

Can Tools Automate your SEO?

At TopRank Marketing, we get asked about tools all the time. With all the tools, plugins and software available, it’s easy to believe that SEO is an automated function. It’s not. In fact, as Google’s algorithms become more complicated, it can be increasingly difficult to optimize your content.

According to the most recent LinkedIn data, SEO and SEM ranks 4th among top skills companies seek (below).

Hottest Skiills LinkedIn

What this research doesn’t uncover is content marketers and SEOs are adopting an increasingly hybrid skillset. This is largely due to the fact that search engines now require higher quality content and a variety of content types, in order for content efforts to be most effective.

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