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Use These 4 Jobs To Be Done Questions to Uncover Your Customers’ Key Activation Events

April 03, 2017

By Today’s Industry Insider


Picture this: it’s your first time in a new city. You flew in last night for a conference, and this morning, you need to grab coffee on the way to the convention center.

You find a nearby cafe on Yelp with great ratings, so you make the walk over from your hotel. But when you arrive, the cafe isn’t quite what you expect.

The counter is surprisingly difficult to find — way in the back, behind a maze of tables and chairs you have to weave through. When you finally get back there, you glance around for the menu board…but there are none on display. Confused, you ask the staff behind the counter (who’ve barely acknowledged your presence) for a menu…and you’re handed a water-stained paper list of the baked goods available.

In a hurry and getting frustrated, you explain that you didn’t need a food menu, you just need some coffee. “Oh, we don’t have a coffee menu,” says one of the baristas, “But our drinks are…” and he rattles off a long list of hip-sounding names — none of which describe what the drinks actually are (black coffee? Iced latte? Cappuccino?)

You don’t have time to figure this out — so, coffee-less, you thank the barista and leave. You’ll have to find another cafe, or head straight to the convention center sans caffeine.

Good Marketing Can’t Save Poor Activation

If you’ve ever been in a scenario like the one above, just reading that story probably made you cringe. And it should — because SaaS users endure this painful experience every day.

And they could be your users.

You may have the healthiest marketing budget in the world and the stickiest, most relatable content attracting new users. But funneling those users into a sub-par onboarding flow is a recipe for dismal activation rates — creating minimal trial-to-paid conversions.

In other words, 50 glowing Yelp reviews can get people in your door, but a frustrating in-store experience will have them walking right back out again.

Why SaaS Teams Struggle With New User Activation

Smart founders and marketers already know activation is crucial to the customer journey — like Ty Magnin, Director of Marketing at Appcues, who writes that activation is 74% more impactful than the other “pirate” metrics.

So why do teams struggle to boost their new user activation rates? Two common reasons:

Activation challenge #1: seeing the “what,” but not the “why”

While it’s common knowledge that you should track user activity during onboarding, knowing what users are doing in your app is only half the picture.

Not many analytics platforms reveal the why’s prompting users to take (or not take) certain actions — why are they setting up this part of their profile, but not another? Why did they actually sign up in the first place?

Without knowing those why’s, it’s difficult to know what “Aha!” moment will keep users’ attention.

Activation challenge #2: misunderstanding of users’ true use cases

You may know one or two key ways folks are using your product — but can you confidently list the top four? …read more

Source:: Kiss Metrics Blog