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User-Generated Content: The Secret Weapon for Your Next Email Campaign

November 23, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Today’s Industry Insider


Today’s economy is all about social proof.

User-generated content (UGC) is one way to showcase why your brand matters. Moreover, email combined with UGC is a chance for ecommerce businesses to connect with consumers and generate revenue.

Olapic found that “user-generated content in email sees a 43% increase in click-through rates and a 2-3X conversion rate.” Visualization and authenticity accelerates consumers’ desires to purchase.

“UGC creates an opportunity to transition customers into brand advocates and provides customers with instant feedback about the product that doesn’t appear as a list of features,” says Kimberlee Morrison, a SocialTimes columnist.

Let’s explore how to integrate UGC into your next email campaign.

Earn Credibility

Integrity remains a cornerstone in the business sector. If you can’t prove that your company has the trust and respect of your customers, the market will question your influence and services.

That’s why social proof is an effective tool for earning consumer’s confidence. Having others speak on your behalf means people are willing to vouch for your brand’s quality. In essence, it shows potential customers that your business deserves their attention.

“The purpose of user-generated content is to humanize your brand. And with 51% of consumers trusting user-generated content over information on your brand’s website, you can build better relationships with this content stream,” says Alex York, a writer and SEO specialist.

Email is one of the best methods to exhibit your UGC. This communication channel gives your subscribers an intimate perspective on how your company can serve their needs.

In addition, research shows that “77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communications.” Customers can read your messages when and where they prefer, unlike a phone call.

UGC lets your audience see real-life testimonials about your products. Below is an example email from Foot Locker. The footwear retailer displays selfies from customers wearing its sneakers. The brand also encourages others to participate with the opportunity to be featured in the next email campaign.

Image Source

To earn extra credibility with your consumers, publish the first name of the individual beside the UGC. Or link the person’s social media account to his or her submitted photo. This tactic reassures the email subscriber that you’re highlighting real people in your emails.

Validate your brand’s worth with user-generated content. It’ll uncover more value to your customers.

Create Commerce

At the end of the day, your purpose is to bring sales to your company. And your team’s marketing efforts must possess a connection to revenue. If not, you risk losing sight of business goals.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud reports that “20% of marketers say that their business’ primary revenue source is directly linked to email operations.” Email is more than just informing your subscribers about product releases or sending the occasional thank you note.

“Email is one of the most popular channels retailers use to engage with new and returning shoppers. Triggered emails are especially powerful to re-engage shoppers who have abandoned some type of action on your site,” states …read more

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