Visual Focus: The Digital Designs Propelling B2B Brand Success In 2022

February 23, 2022

By Lane Ellis

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Which digital designs will shine the brightest in 2022 when it comes to telling the evolving stories of B2B brands in fresh new ways?

Each year the world’s biggest firms in the world of design publish their takes on the new innovations that may come down the pike over the next 12 months, and while never a guarantee of digital design success, savvy B2B marketers and designers tend to keep tabs on the yearly visual shifts put out by Adobe, Pantone, and others.

Let’s take a look at some of the design ideas that are helping brands craft their digital identities in 2022, with insight from graphic design subject matter experts at Adobe, Pantone, Canva, Venngage, and MOO.

1 — Adobe’s Turn To Digital Heritage Craft & The Metaverse Mix

Adobe’s 2022 creative trends forecast — from the innovators at its Adobe Stock arm — provides a robust annual look into the design elements and digital styles that it sees as the most likely to make an impact with online audiences in the coming year.

Brenda Milis, principal of creative and consumer insights at Adobe, outlined this year’s forecast and the optimism and meaningful connections that audiences are seeking in 2022, in a wide gamut of formats including:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Vector Graphics
  • Design Templates
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D & Immersive Experiences

Milis noted that there is a, “growing confidence and acceptance of our new reality — with companies in nearly every sector embracing remote or hybrid work and the digital transformation that only accelerates with each passing season.”

Designs that help people forge connections and build optimism will prove particularly effective in 2022, Milis suggested in describing the newest forecast.

“People are hungry for optimism, and that unquenchable thirst for fun, whimsy, and play is evident across ages, industries, and brand categories,” Milis explained, adding that, “we are all even hungrier for authentic, meaningful connection,” insight that ought to ring especially true among B2B marketers and enterprise brands that are doing more digitally that ever before.

Adobe’s forecast was built using the firm’s vast user and client bases, and included its own research along with data from:

  • Research Requests
  • Customer Data
  • Major Industry Campaigns
  • Stock Industry Insight
  • Customer Signals

Leading the way with visual trends for 2022 were the elements that celebrate playfulness and place a newfound focus on the centered self, along with several others including:

Visual Trends

  • Powerfully Playful
  • The Centered Self
  • Prioritize Our Planet
  • In the Groove

The year’s design trends emphasized soft pop, heritage craft, and others including:

Design Trends

  • Soft Pop
  • New Naturalism
  • Heritage Craft
  • Otherworldly Visions

2022 motion trends in the Adobe forecast — as vital as ever for B2B marketers with the continuing importance of digital video — point to the rise of the so-called metaverse and to the power of new copy and caption movements.

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