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What a Home Shopping Network Can Teach You About Conversions

March 21, 2017

By Today’s Industry Insider


Uber might be King of Growth Hacking.

The one everyone fawns over. The media adores. Growth Hackers join.

But these kinds of companies are the exceptions.

Their ascent so quick and scale so massive that the vast majority of us can’t play by the same rules.

Instead, we need to look around. At the regular companies. One’s who’re grinding out, day-to-day, trying to get as many paying customers as possible.

Unbelievably, one perfect example emerges. From the least likely of places.

The grandma-catering QVC serves as an exemplary model for increasing site conversions. No matter what industry you’re in.

Here’s why and what they’re doing so well.

How QVC is a Conversion Juggernaut

One day I was researching the top converting websites online.

The usual suspects were there.

You expect Amazon.

Walmart or Expedia.

But not this. Not them.

A home shopping network. The same tired, old format you see on late night infomercials.

Not the QVC, whose primary audience demographic consists of your grandparents and… well, that’s gotta be pretty much it.

Curious, I had to check them out.

And sure enough, what I saw blew me away.

What makes QVC a conversion master? The blueprint you should follow with underlying sales principles that should be adapted for your own site immediately?

Let’s start with the homepage.

#1. QVC Homepage

First things first. Checkout the QVC homepage and you’re met with their latest daily deal.

There are a few things happening here.

Right at the top, “New to QVC?” helps segment and orient first-time visitors. They also throw in a discount code to sweeten the deal right off the bat.

Next, those high-quality images that show the product in-use. Underneath, is a simple line of benefit-laden copy with a price anchor (“Under $90”) and free shipping incentive (which almost all consumers – 82% – want).

To the right, is a bright-red CTA that uses the next value-building step (“Choose Your Color”) instead of some vague, generic one you might see on other sites (like “Get Started” or “Buy Now”).

And last but not least, that giant daily deal “Today’s Special Value” with countdown timer.

So far so good. They’ve set the stage. Met first impressions successfully, which only take 50 milliseconds to form based on site design (94% of the time).

But that’s nothing. We’re barely scratching the surface.

There’s a concept called “conversion scent” in advertising and conversion optimization. It’s similar to ‘message match’. Basically, you want to make sure any copy, design, or page elements (like that big, bold countdown timer) follow someone to the ‘next step’ so there’s one seamless experience (and not a jarring, disrupted one that distracts people from converting).

For example, click on the featured homepage product (noting the countdown timer) and watch what happens next…

You’re brought to the individual product page that continues the timer where you left off, while also auto-starting a realistic, authentic video demonstration.

That’s heavy. Let’s save it for the next section below to unpack everything that’s happening (and why). We still gotta finish the homepage.

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