What Would Happen If Elon Musk Abandoned Twitter?

April 18, 2022

By Adam

Elon Musk has over 82 million Twitter followers and is undoubtedly the largest influencer of the social media site.

Sure, celebrities like Justin Bieber have higher numbers, although he hasn’t tweeted for several weeks. But, Musk’s tweets are a catalyst for people to take action. Musk, who is the most prominent example of social media influence (hint: It isn’t about where you shop or what scarf to buy), is the clear choice. There are many millions and billions of people that he has reached out to. InfluencesIn a genuine and authentic manner.

One example of this is the poll that he did a few days back. He asked whether shareholders should decide whether Twitter becomes private. Almost three million people responded, which is remarkable because the question wasn’t about Coke versus Pepsi or your favorite pop song. This means that three million people pay attention to his words and questions, regardless of whether they are related to social media platforms themselves. Here’s the poll and the results:

Musk made it clear in recent days that he desires more than just a spot at the twitter table. You may have seen the latest drama and know that Musk invested as a shareholder. He currently holds 9.2%. We all assumed he would join the board. However, that could have been wishful thinking. Everybody has their theories, but I believe there was an inconsistency between what Musk wanted to do and the current Twitter leadership.

An even bigger surprise? Musk announced that he would offer $54.20 per shares to buy the company’s stock. A number of Twitter users learn new investment terms, like a poison pills strategy (where some investors buy more shares in order to avoid a hostile takeover) or a white knight shareholder, (e.g. another entity acquires the company).

The Amazon Prime Movie starring Chris Pine would have a drug-smuggling theme, with cuts to the boardroom scenes that show people in turmoil and anguish, as well as a couple of yachts.

One question that hasn’t been asked yet, though, is this:

Is it possible that Elon Musk would abandon the idea altogether and give up on Twitter?

Other platforms exist, even though none have the same reach and popularity as Twitter. I can’t see Musk switching over to Instagram, but there is a precedent for a major influencer starting his own social media platform. Musk is well-known for his quick decisions and may be tired of all this drama. He could lose his Twitter account and cause an enormous domino effect, where his 82million followers seek …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer


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