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Which Types of Content do B2B Tech Buyers Respond To Most?

February 01, 2016
Aaron Polmeer

By Sherice Jacob


It’s no secret: B2B decision makers have to slog through a lot of information. They need to be on the cutting edge of their industry yet still be adaptable enough to shift as the market’s demands and interests change.

Just getting to the key decision makers is an uphill climb, to be sure, but what if there were a shortcut?

A path you could carve, away from all the “me too” businesses and services aiming for a piece of that company’s profit pie – and still end up at the top?

Wouldn’t you want to know how?

The answer is all in the content.

But it’s not how much of it you produce that matters – it’s what you produce.

And these are the types of content that gets them to move ahead with a purchase.

How Much Content Do They Need to Make a Decision?

The recently revealed Eccolo Media B2B Technology Content Survey Report published by Eccolo Inc., pulls back the curtain on the buying habits of B2B technology decision makers. For example, they found that, on average, nearly half of those surveyed reported consuming only 2-5 collateral assets before making a decision.

Key B2B decision makers only need to consume as few as 2 pieces of collateral before deciding

That means if you’re pumping out lots of content in an attempt to sway them, you may be simply spinning your wheels in the mud. Instead, concentrate on creating less content, but making the content you do create better quality. Don’t just show why your service is a great deal or why your offer is irresistible – show the kinds of results it produces. Show how it performs “in the field.” Go the extra mile and do the research legwork that your competitors are unable, or unwilling to do.

What Kinds of Content Help Propel Their Decision?

Over half of respondents to the study reported reading an equal amount of emails and white papers. But when it came to influencing their decision, white papers were the clear leader:

White papers were more often used as an influence tool than emails

Before you set your staff to churning out white papers, keep in mind that it’s not that simple (it never is!) The study also went into detail on what types of content was consumed across 6 months to lead to a purchase. The results are pretty surprising:

Different types of content have varying degrees of success spurring B2B buyers on their decision

So What Can We Learn from This Information?

There are a few gold nuggets we can glean from the overall buying process of B2B decision makers. But what can we do with our existing content that will put the odds in our favor? Here are a few points to help:

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