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Why Your SaaS Sales Depend on Data More Than Ever

March 17, 2017

By Today’s Industry Insider


Every SaaS business is aiming for sales success.

However, earning more revenue isn’t always a direct path. It’s a winding road of trial and error with internal and external factors.

Data is one solution to your sales woes. It can help your team discover gaps in the customer experience and transform your overall strategy.

The SaaS industry is a highly competitive market. As more companies emerge to claim their stake, use data to nurture your audience.

Products Don’t Sell Themselves

Your team can build a revolutionary product, but if no one understands its value, your target market may decide not to purchase it.

SaaS companies must realize that products don’t sell themselves. And while there are some exceptions to that statement, it’s better to train your sales team to solve people’s problems, rather than hope your audience will figure it out on their own.

Equip your team with the data to make better decisions during the sales cycle. Knowing vital information, like a prospect’s budget, personality, and beliefs, can determine how a sales rep prepares for a follow-up call.

And it’s not enough to just to talk about value with your SaaS prospects. It’s about creating something greater than what they already expected. Mark Cranney, operating partner at Andreessen Horowitz, writes:

“Some people think the sales force’s job is to communicate value to customers. To these people, sales is about buying a bunch of search Adwords or mouthpiecing a company’s message. They’re wrong. The true purpose of sales is to create new value for customers.”

To develop new value, it starts with personalization. You want to help customers find the solution to their problem, not just any problem. And that means having an open dialogue with your audience.

Below is an example from Attach, a sales engagement platform. The company uses live demos to start customer conversations. You’ll notice how the free demo is customized to cover the needs of the potential user.

Image Source

How are you personalizing the experience? Give your product more worth by solving the customer’s unique issues.

Customer Experience Reigns Supreme

Your team’s mission is to dive into the product usage data to find glitches. By alleviating the everyday pains of the customer, they’ll have more time to reap your product’s benefits.

And that’s what you truly want. More value received means customer success and possibly a notable case study for your business.

Sales isn’t the sole responsibility of your sales team. Every team member is responsible for customer success, from lead to brand advocate. That’s why the overall customer experience matters throughout the entire journey.

Every customer interaction will determine whether a trial user becomes a customer or a recurring customer decides to continue with his service.

Communication is essential when making each customer experience worthwhile. If a lead has questions about a particular plan, are your sales reps readily available with answers?

If a customer wants to troubleshoot a quick problem, do you have an accessible knowledge base with detailed instructions?

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