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Your First 100 Days as an Inbound Marketer: A Framework for Success

March 02, 2017

By (Lindsay Kolowich)


Today is the day you become an inbound marketer. Are you excited? Nervous? Do you have any idea where to start?

If the answer to that question is “no,” fear not — we’re here to make that transition easier for you. You see, the inbound methodology is a type of marketing strategy, but it’s also a philosophy. At the heart of it, you’ll be turning your focus away from company-focused efforts, and more toward customer-centric marketing.

And for it to truly work, you’ll need to become a dedicated student of inbound marketing. The most successful inbound marketers learn skills and create habits in their first 100 days in this new role. To make sure your trajectory is set correctly, we’ve catalogued much of what you’ll need to succeed in inbound marketing. Don’t be scared by the length — remember, this document is one to use over the course of three months. Learn how to succeed in your new inbound marketing job with the help of this  free guide.

Still, it’s not intended to be a complete list of every little thing you need to know — rather, it’s a fairly comprehensive collection of the fundamentals. Your company’s own plan can be tailored based on the goals you need to achieve, but this outline is a good guide to begin with.

So, are we gonna do this thing? Let’s get started.

The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Plan for Your First 100 Days

1) Days 1-33

Required Reading

Here is a short list of resources you should read through during your first week. We handpicked some of our best HubSpot articles to get you familiar with inbound marketing and a few key concepts, themes, and methodologies that will help you strategically tackle your marketing goals.

The State of Inbound Marketing Report

The Ultimate How-to Marketing Guide

The Essential Guide to Internet Marketing

The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics

HubSpot Academy Classes

HubSpot Academy is a free resource for inbound marketers. And wouldn’t you know — its Inbound Marketing Certification course is open and free to the public.

During your first month, take the 11 classes from the certification course, which you can view on-demand, at your own pace. These classes cover all the topics you’ll want to master in your first 100 days, as well as other topics in which you should be well-versed for the future. If you want to dig deeper in any one subject, the course pages are full of links to supplemental reading material.

Buyer Personas


During your first month in this role, you’ll want to create buyer personas, which make for one of — if not, the most — important parts of a successful inbound strategy. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, based on real data and some educated speculations about demographics, behavior patterns, …read more

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