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How to Get on the First Page of Google?

How to get on the First Page of GoogleThe ultimate goal of any business is to come on the first page of Google. But there are many factors responsible for the first page rankings. Check out the top strategies on how to get on the first page of Google.

Right Keyword Strategy

Focus on using the user intent keywords as Google spends millions of dollars on algorithms to provide the best results to the users. There is a difference between keywords and queries

Keyword- Phrase that you target to optimize your content and meta tags.
Query- A set of keywords user type on the search engine to get information.

Every query has intent, so focus on this intent of the keywords as well during the selection of keywords in your strategy. Try to understand the various stages of buying cycle and include online search queries based on information, transaction and navigation. This will help to improve the rankings and get on the first page of Google.

Use of long tail keywords in your keyword strategy to get the first page rankings is a key to success. Also, for small and new local business, use of local keywords including their target location or city is an effective way to come on Google first page.

Results in Answer Box or Featured Snippet

In order to provide the best results, Google uses the third party to answer the search queries in the form of the answer box for “featured snippet” or “People also ask”. See the below snapshot.

Answer Box


It is not necessary that it displays the results from Wikipedia, but the best answer it finds relevant to the query. See the below snapshot-

Featured snippet

It’s not guaranteed that your site will come for this “featured snippet”. But you can plan strategies to show the above results. Also, you can implement Structured data markup often referred to as “schema markup” to enhance the data. For more details check “Featured Snippets: From Start to Finish.” So this is the another good strategy to come on the first page of Google.

Quality Content

Content is one of the ranking factors Google consider for showing the results on the first page. But the content should be optimized, relevant and high quality. It doesn’t matter to write 2000 page long content but writing a 500 words rich content. So focus on creating a dense content. Include the below-mentioned steps in creating the quality content-

1. Research- Do a thorough research to understand the needs of your buyers and draft a content based on their buying intent.
2. Data Analysis- Study the behavior of an audience using Google Analytics and analyze the engagement metrics to draft the content strategy accordingly.
3. Plan the content by knowing the marketing funnel focusing on the marketing goal like brand awareness, sales, conversion and retention. Also, write accordingly the type of content such as custom support, special offers, How to types, email outreach, product user experience, visual, etc.
4. Plan an editorial calendar for your content strategy.
5. Write and organize the content properly based on topic, length, tone, features and relevancy.
6.Optimize the content and make it SEO and user-friendly with internal linking optimization.

Mobile Optimization

Google has announced that it will start indexing the mobile pages of websites on Jan 1, 2017. So optimize the mobile site to load at the faster rate, check the mobile device engagement metrics to fill all the gaps and fix the issues. Setup filters and segments in Google Analytics to analyze the report for mobile views. Check the report for engagement metrics, time spent, bounce rate, traffic. Adjust the user interface and design changes of mobile site accordingly. Having Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is essential to load the page almost in 0.5 seconds for a better user experience. There are also carousel results for AMPs so make sure you use AMP framework for better results. So having the mobile friendly site or responsive design is the key to success.

Optimize GMB Page & Get Reviews

For local business, ranking in Google local 3 pack search results is essential to get the inquiries. But for this, three important factors are responsible. First is to optimize the Google My Business profile page and keep it active by posting blog posts and increasing the followers. Check out the steps to optimize the GMB profile by knowing the tips from experts at “How to optimize your Google My Business listing: expert tips.” Second is to have the accurate citations on high authority websites including Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Manta, etc. Third is to have the good online reviews. So ask your loyal customers to submit the reviews on the Google profile or other high authority sites. This will help you to develop the credibility among the visitors and to get the first page rankings.

So plan and use the above strategies to get on the first page of Google in a quick time.

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