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Meet the “who’s who” in the Digital Marketing Community, gain new insights and share ideas with fellow web business pros. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a digital marketing expert, DigiMarCon Conferences will give you the latest strategies and important information to increase your own knowledge and grow your business through digital marketing.

Below are selected Sessions from recent DigiMarCon events.


Let Me Tell You a Story …

Jason Falls, Director of Digital & Social Strategy, Cornett

How to push the envelope and stand out with what’s next in social content strategy.

How many times have you thought about your story arc when planning your content calendar? You’re going to start to when you hear Jason Falls’s latest thoughts on social content strategy. Falls’s ideas have been engineering engaging social content efforts for brands since the early days of social. Join him on a fun and raucous ride through his latest approach of “authoring” a social storyline that keeps your audiences informed, engaged, sharing and wanting more. And yes, he’ll make you laugh a lot along the way.

Know Your Customers, Before It’s Too Late: Five Paths to Brand Success

Tim Hayden, President & Co-Managing Partner, Brain+Trust Partners

Artificial intelligence and mobility have already reshaped the many ways in which customers search, discover and purchase goods and services. The additional challenges of GDPR and data privacy rules being re-shaped by public policy around the world will require brands to change course in business operations and marketing as new technological possibilities are being brought to market today. Such change is not all about mobile apps, marketing automation and chatbots, though.

Let’s discuss the critical need to truly know your customers, how today’s marketers may have an advantage in this brave new world, and how you must leverage these abrupt shifts in commerce and consumer behavior through data unification, audience intelligence and personalization in order to scale your business over the coming 18 months.

Augmenting Your Digital Strategy

Samantha Ramlu, Managing Director and Co-founder, M Theory

Technologies like AR, VR and mixed reality have opened up a world of possibilities to create stronger audience connections through mobile experiences, but there’s a lot of ‘tech for tech’s sake’ being developed. The heart of a great campaign is great storytelling and the key to getting results is bringing together strategy, technology and design to solve problems and bring ideas to life, while creating memorable experiences which deliver deeper audience engagement.

Creativity vs Clicks

Catherine Mavrocoleas, Managing Director, Elevator

The marketing landscape is rapidly evolving where the focus is shifting towards more personalised engagement and tangible ROI. In this world of data and measurement, it’s critical the creative industry looks at what needs to change (quickly!) to ensure a greater union between creativity and commercials. What is the role of creativity and brand equity building? What can brands to do challenge their creative output to be harder working? How do brands ensure creativity (and consumer engagement) doesn’t die a data death?

Digital Marketing Trends: Experts Insights on How to Gain a Competitive Edge

Tony Eades, CEO (APAC) and Chief Strategy Officer, Salted Stone

The digital marketing industry is changing faster than ever and those who don’t adapt with the times are losing market share. Where should marketers be focusing their efforts? What strategies are the experts seeing get the best results? Get up-to-speed with the latest industry insights, trends and predictions for the future in this panel discussion with some leading digital marketing experts.

From Artificial Intelligence to Becoming Intelligence Amplified

Renee Stopps, Enterprise Account Director AUNZ, Microsoft

At Microsoft, Bing is the largest application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Join this session to walk through how Microsoft is using AI today and how AI is not only changing consumer behavior but how it’s changing marketing as we usher in the era of conversational technology through voice, bots and mixed reality. In this session I’ll also cover real life examples of how through the power of AI we are helping empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Hack the Buyer Brain: How Decision Science Is Ruining Your Marketing

Kenda Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer, Automation Ninjas

Attention is your new battle ground – how do you get and keep the attention of your prospects? Learn how prospects actually make decisions, and discover how your marketing is failing your prospects. You’ll get insight into how the brain really works, why some of your marketing is missing the mark completely, and you’ll leave with a set of questions and tools you can use to make sure you’re always getting the kind of attention you’re looking for.

How to Automate Your Sales Funnels with Messenger Marketing

Arvell Craig, Chief Executive Officer, Chatbot Funnels

In 2016, Facebook opened their Messenger Platform to developers and chatbots. Today chatbot technology is changing how businesses nurture leads through the sales process. Learn the specific steps to automating your sales funnels with Facebook Messenger. Tap into the 1.3 billion messenger users and instantly improve your advertising ROI.

How to Reach Millennials in the Digital Age

Sacha Christe, Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Graphic

Millennials make up the largest percentage of our population today and the influence of this generation in terms of driving market trends is undeniably strong. While traditional marketing strategies still can work, older generations tend to misunderstand the fundamental drivers behind Millennials’ actions and attitudes, often dismissing them as lazy or entitled. This panel is meant to show some insight into the minds of our youth and shed some light on how they interact with brands online. We will explore some cases of successful and failed marketing and discuss what companies can do to improve engagement from a younger crowd.

Keep Calm and Deal With It

Tamara Habib, Business Director, Netizency

Is your brand ready for a crisis? More importantly, is your brand ready for a social media crisis? A communications crisis can hit you at any moment! Whether it be a salmonella outbreak at your restaurant, your mobile devices catching fire in someone’s hands, or even someone putting up the wrong content on your social media pages, you need to be prepared. “Keep Calm and Deal with It” will look at the good, the bad and the ugly of how some brands have managed their social media crises, and highlight best practices to make sure that you, and your brand, are ready to deal with it.

Leverage your Digital Insights to Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences

Shawn Sipman, CX Business Dev & Strategy Leader – Africa, Oracle South Africa

In the digital age, it is imperative to leverage the information and intelligence you gain about your customer to drive Exceptional Customer Experience. If you are not disrupting, you are being disrupted. Join us to understand how you can achieve Your Tomorrow Today.

Shape Shifting Digital Marketing for the Future

Audrey Naidoo, Head of Digital Marketing, Absa

Brands are being challenged to re-think, re-design digital marketing for the near future. This involves a complete overhaul from traditional thinking and applications to a new operating model. What are some of current challenges brands are facing? What are some of the opportunities to make progression? What are the key drivers of disruption? We will cover 5 practical insights around how Digital marketing needs to evolve towards maturity.

The Corporate Startup – What Corporates Should Learn From Disruptors

Nick Vinckier, Chief Strategy Officer, Duval Union Consulting

What is it that corporates can learn from startups? How does it seem that innovation in different industries is mostly coming from new (often tech-driven) players who have far less resources and experience than incumbents? In this motivational presentation Nick Vinckier will inspires you with the main reasons why startups innovate at such a fast pace, and how you can leverage their methods for your business to become future proof.

The Evolving Role of a Marketer in the Digital World

Sharanya Ramachandran, Senior Product Marketing Leader, Zoho

The digital era with evolving technologies are increasing challenges for a digital marketer to communicate effectively with their audience. However, these rising challenges also give rise to plenty of opportunities – opportunities to understand the individual behaviour of a consumer.

This session focuses on how marketers can leverage these opportunities to reach and engage their audience better. Email marketing and marketing automation can be a marketer’s best friend if used effectively.

The Life and Times of Digital Customer Service

Zohare Haider, Founding Director, Digital Street

Hyperconnected life + omnipresent customers + complex user needs. Are you game? Outside of your day job, you’re also a customer for a business or brand. And like them, you also have a need for after-sales support. What frustrates you, also frustrates your customers. Let’s talk about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ for great customer experiences.

The Modern Marketing Mandate

Luca Destefanis, GBS & Industry Marketing Leader, IBM Asia Pacific

The marketing transformation journey is like a never stopping roller-coaster. What are the key traits of successful CMO’s? How are Analytics changing the way marketers operate? How is Artificial Intelligence enabling new Customer Experience?

Using AI Technology to Make Customer Relationships More Personal

Samuel Yip, Head of Marketing, eBay Canada

Technology can help put a human face on shopping, connect us to individualized and personal experiences, help us discover things that are connected to our passions.  In this session, Samuel Yip, Head of Marketing at eBay Canada, will discuss how AI technology can help make ecommerce more personal.  By leveraging Machine Learning, marketers can problem-solve at scale and create a holistic personalization across all customer-life-stages through a wide range of marketing channels.

You Don’t Control The Message Anymore!

Andrew Jenkins, Principal, Volterra Consulting

Increasingly, companies find themselves being judged and scrutinized online and offline. Customers are taking their praise and dissatisfaction to social media channels and the organizations they are talking about are not always aware or proactive in their responses. How can organizations navigate this challenging environment? What are best practices for dealing with social media failures and reputation management issues? While you may not control the message, what can you do to influence the conversation and its participants? It’s not all doom and gloom either! You can be a positive influence online and leverage your existing audience to amplify your message and raise awareness about you. In this session you will how to do that too!

Why Facebook Messenger is the Next Big Marketing Channel

David Fallarme, Head of Marketing, SEA & India, HubSpot

When over two billion people are using a channel, businesses should be paying attention. HubSpot has spent over a year experimenting with Facebook Messenger to determine the most powerful ways it can be used for marketing. Learn why Facebook Messenger is the most promising new business communication channel as we walk you through how you can start using it today — no budget or technical skill needed.

Why Customer Generated Content Marketing is Perfect for the Modern Customer Journey

Tim Sae Koo, Chief Executive Officer, TINT

There has been a shift in the buying behavior of the modern consumer. To win a modern consumer means to reach them at the right time, right place, and with the right content. The last 10 years has seen some companies thrive and others die because of their choices on innovation and customer experience. In this talk, we will discuss the marketing strategies to remain competitive and stand out among consumers that are demanding more trust, authenticity, and involvement in the brands they choose.

The Game of Visual Content

Bahia Nar, Communication and Social Media Expert & Trainer, Fireworks Consultancy

The session will about how visual content is key to attract the audience, specially a young one and how exactly produce visual content that will be seen and interacted with thanks to data.

The Art of the Autoresponder

Emily Sloan-Pace, Professor In Residence, Zoho Corporation

In this presentation we’ll look at best practices for writing autoresponders, and how and when you should use them to get more our of your email marketing list.

Tactical SEO – Conducting SEO as though lives depend on it

Stuart Brown, Head of Digital Strategy, LocalSearch

Before Stuart Brown was an SEO specialist, he was an infantryman in the Australian Defence Force. This combination of experiences has given Stuart a different and unique insight into being visible on search engines. Although at the time he was training to go to war, Stuart learned many concepts which he has been able to apply to his work with search engines, to great effect. One of the key concepts was the importance of the 1%. Meaning it’s the small things you do as a soldier that can be the difference between life and death. At Localsearch, our online directory receives millions of pageviews every month which small businesses rely on to capture new customers. This means the smallest changes can have massive consequences for a lot of people. In such a high-stakes environment, Stuart uses his military concepts and tactics to ensure search engine objectives are achieved, while minimising the risk competitors represent.

In particular, he:
Plans an SEO project like a military operation
Identifies and exploits competitor weaknesses
Gains the initiative on a motivated opponent
Uses deception tactics to misdirect competitors who are watching
Predicts and mitigates the most likely/most dangerous reactions of competitors

Social Media Marketing: Beyond Likes, Shares, and Cat Photos

Praval Singh, Senior Product Marketing Leader, Zoho

The evolution of social media in the last decade has made it a key channel for marketing and customer engagement. But the big question often remains unanswered: What’s the ROI? Join in to understand the key factors that drive social ROI and discover a path to measuring what matters for your business.

Marketing in the Age of Experience

Tom Szirtes, Chief Executive Officer, Mbryonic

We are entering an age of experience in which brands have to move beyond product orientated communications to providing experiences that embody the lifestyle their customers aspire too. Immersive technologies like AR and VR provide new engaging ways for brands to tell the stories that are important to them in an experiential way. In this presentation Tom will discuss the state of art in this technology and how it can be used to deliver effective marketing and sales campaigns that deliver ROI.

Learnings About Online Brand Criticism

Keneilwe Boipelo Mekgwe, Marketing Lead: Digital Services, MTN

This presentation touches on the very nature that we in corporates; are finding ourselves in due to advances in technology and access to the internet from any corner of the globe: we have to actively manage the reputation of our brands online. This no longer has operating hours, from a Telco view, we have seen many customers like and comment on our social media pages but we have also seen negative comments, complaints about various matters that could be totally unrelated to the brand but, my experience with working with an award winning brand on the continent is the importance of listening to the negative feedback: I have since called this “tough brand lessons”. We may not enjoy hearing from our customers but we will get joy from understanding their frustrations and looking at things from their point of reference: it more often than not teaches us a lot about how listening can help strengthen the offering to clients and how it can make the relationship with our clients “real and mutually beneficial”

Balancing Social Engagement and Brand Relevance

Nontokozo Madonsela, Group CMO, MMI Holdings

Netflix, Facebook and Uber are just some of the brands that have become part of our daily lives, seamlessly fitting into how we live. They engage, connect and continuously surprise customers, creating real and meaningful connections. Balancing social engagement and brand relevance is about finding the sweet spot between meeting business objectives and providing significant content to the right audience. It’s about combining the latest innovation with unique insights to create engaging digital marketing campaigns that are relevant to each and every customer. Genuine and innovative, we need to find new ways to deliver content that earns and re-earns customer loyalty, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this ever changing landscape.

Advanced Social Media Strategy

Jeff Turnbow, Marketing Consultant, TURNBOW, INC.

Social media interrupts all communication channels thereby creating constant challenges for marketing in the digital age. Brands are searching for new dynamics for their approach to the consumer. Advanced Social Media Strategy will discuss and analyze successful case studies and help you discover new tactics and approaches for evolving your social media strategy. In this presentation, learn how to analyze how companies have used different strategies to interrupt and reach specific targets; Develop an actionable digital strategy that aligns with your business goals; Find solutions to current strategic hurdles and expand your professional digital network by connecting with peers.

The Nature of Social

Joe Krawczyk, Evangelist, IndaHash

The Nature of Social: what ape science and anthropology tells us about the social happenings of influence inside social media. Influencer marketing from start to finish.

As it’s no surprise that social media has become the principle media outlet of the past decade, when we dissect the core principles of social media and its nature of publication and sharing, we unfold some fascinating insights on human behavior. New insights from that past 5 years on ape fission-fusion social structures, social learning, tool use and emulation, allow us to better understand human interaction, learning and emulation, which then carries over to digital social networks, learning, and emulation online. Essentially leading us to the key conditions needed for emulation to take place in our online fission-fusion network.

Taking it further, how can marketers use influencers to infiltrate a network of content producers on social media. And how new technologies will and have allowed us to bring marketing content creation to the consumers themselves, how this content is received, its scalability, and copyright reuses.

Lastly, the results from Case Studies with indaHash campaigns, exclusive influencer perspectives, and the internal digital economic ecosystem inside of influencer marketing.

Extracting LinkedIn Data to Reduce Ad Spend

Ashley Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Mouth Marketing

During this presentation attendees will takeaway how to extract more data from LinkedIn with some simple tools, how and where to use this data for maximum benefit, and the secret to achieving a lean advertising strategy.

Fintech Marketing for ICO’s and Crowdfunding

Joe Sanchis, Chief Executive Officer, Queue Technologies

Discussion on the latest trends and insights in Fintech marketing strategies from ICO’s to crowdfunding, how to build awareness, grow a community, create engagement, amplify your messaging, and raise capital while staying compliant.

From Social Insights to Business Impact

Ben Soubies, Head of APAC, Talkwalker

Digital has changed the way consumers and businesses communicate with each other. It is creating on one hand new opportunities but also new threats and risks. Transitioning from insights to impact is key and we will see how companies can leverage social & online listening to their advantage.

Go Live! How Live Content Across Social Media Can Drive Brand Goals

Erin Richards-Kunkel, Director, Social Media, Herbalife Nutrition

Live and real-time content is drawing more engagement than ever before, across ephemeral, video streaming and more.

For Herbalife Nutrition, live and real-time content has been a key piece in helping to engage loyal customers, spark meaningful and valuable discussions and inspire new conversations about our brand.

In the presentation, Erin will showcase how we have seen customer loyalty and sentiment be dramatically impacted by regular live content on social media along with the data supporting our live content, topics and audience integration.
This has significant implications for the future as algorithm changes and higher ad costs bring new challenges to brands and marketers struggling for visibility and looking for ways to connect with their audience.

Growth Marketing in Our Noisy World

Randy Rayess, Cofounder, Outgrow

Build free marketing products to grow your business and build a relationship with your customer. For example you can build graders, calculators, quizzes, recommendations or AR apps. Things like Hubspot’s free marketing grader, Moz’s site analyzer, VenturePact’s mobile app cost calculator, new york times’s dialect quiz, Ikea’s AR app, L’Oreal’s AR app and Nike’s fitness apps. All of these examples are free tools that help drive engagement with your brand, build an audience and generate leads for your core business.

Growth Secrets We’ve Learned Managing $500M in Digital Ad Spend

Lance Loveday, Chief Executive Officer, Closed Loop

In this engaging session, Lance will share the lessons learned about what truly differentiates successful high-growth companies from everyone else. He’ll also demonstrate the new steps that modern digital advertisers must take to achieve success – and dominate the competition – with their Digital Advertising campaigns. This session is ideal for all of those responsible for maximizing growth and getting the most out of their advertising budgets.

How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Are Transforming Modern Marketing

Almitra Karnick, Head of Marketing, CleverTap

This presentation will cover how all aspects of marketing have evolved over the years. How AI will shape the landscape of marketing in the years to come and why marketers need AI to assist them for their jobs. The future lies in working towards better customer experience and especially customer retention seems to be the key.
Marketers have to be on the lookout throughout – need to keep learning and keep a continuous tab on the customer’s pulse in order to deliver the best.

How Media Will Be Transformed By The Blockchain

Ian Farmer, Managing Director, Frontiering

Blockchain technology is transforming many industries from Finance, Logistics and Information Technology. Hear how the Media industry is being disrupted by this trustable transparent infrastructure, and learn what the implications are for; Publishers, Advertisers, Agencies, Marketing Professionals and the Advertising industry.

How Digital Marketing Trends Impact The Path to Purchase

Dana Shank, Digital Strategist

Digital technology and platforms are evolving and influencing the path to purchase. Get up to speed with this panel discussion and hear how leading digital marketing experts navigate changing marketing technology to accelerate their business, and ensure their brands do not get left behind.

How Social Selling Can Help to Align Sales and Marketing

Anita Windisman, Anita Windisman Consulting

The lack of alignment between sales and marketing is a common problem that is often discussed, but not easily solved. With recent shifts in the buying process, up to 67% of the buyer’s journey is completed digitally. Now, it’s more important than ever to have an end to end approach to engage with buyers. In this session, you will learn pitfalls of being misaligned, and how social selling can help to overcome them.

How to Get Consumers to Pay Monthly for Content

Ceo Wimmer, Head of Revenue, ETN Media – Street League Skateboarding

This panel discussion will bring together leaders of top brands that connect with consumers and get them to pay a monthly fee for content. These leaders of major media and sports brands will delve into the techniques and work they have done to build their brand’s fan base and create a value equation where the consumer pays for the service on a monthly basis.

In-Housing or Out-Housing in 2019: When and Where to Use Agencies to Make the Biggest 5 Differences to Your Business

Darren Goldie, Chief Global Digital & Consulting Officer, Havas Media Group

To close this inaugural Europe & UK event, Darren will be sharing the top trends you will need to prepare for to ensure your company is ready for the huge changes facing the marketing industry over the next 18 months. In a never before seen presentation, Darren will share how he is investing his time and money to ensure he stays ahead of the competition and deliver real growth ahead of the market.

Intelligent Analytics and Agile Customer Journeys

Christian Twiste, Chief Operating Officer, Korcomptenz

Connecting the Business Insights You Need With the Experience Your Customers Demand

Big data and the dynamic customer experience are two of the hottest trends in digital marketing and technology transformation. Both leverage next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence to better understand and influence consumer behavior, offering marketers the power to predict the future based on previous interactions. The combination of the two techniques is critical to providing a more precisely targeted and personalized customer journey, increasing revenue and improving operational efficiency. Challenges remain, however. The large number of products available, the complexity of the systems involved, and the massive amounts of data generated can make it difficult to realize the full potential.
This innovative session details a clear path forward for organizations that adopt a more agile approach, balancing immediate gains with progress toward their long-term roadmap. After providing an overview of the considerable benefits and common challenges, the information-packed presentation explains why organizations need to embrace a unified approach to analytics and customer journeys. You’ll also learn about the most critical analytics and data modeling techniques—such as forecasting Customer Lifetime Value and Click Stream Behavior—and how insights from these reports can be incorporated into your customers’ journey, generating measurable return on investment. The content will include a unique, engaging combination of underlying principles and their practical applications, helping you obtain a better understanding of the overall space and providing recommendations you can immediately implement.

Practical Advice on Location-Based Measurement and Attribution

Gladys Kong, Chief Executive Officer, UberMedia

Do marketers really know where their mobile location data comes from? Do they understand how it is made? Savvy marketers are investing in location data to inform decisions that could make or break their businesses. Yet, while some in the industry push for location data transparency, if data buyers aren’t asking their data providers probing questions, they may be settling for a false sense of clarity.
Gladys Kong, will evaluate mobile location measurement and attribution, and offer audience tips on breaking down key elements of location data and attribution reports.

Mobile in the Middle

Ben Peacock, Founder and Partner, Republic of Everyone

Camera, newsfeed, social, maps and more. The mobile phone is now the centre of most people’s lives. So how can you bring together all it’s features to create one cohesive campaign to market? Ben takes you through successful, long term, award winning campaigns that put the mobile at the centre of everything.

The Mechanics of Implementing Multi-Touch Attribution Model using Marketing Technology

Sameer Khan, Director of Marketing Analytics Operations, Direct Energy

“Marketing Attribution” is no longer a buzzword, but a business imperative. It’s also tricky at best to get right, with many companies struggling to effectively gather and analyze attribution data.

In this session, we will dive into multi-touch attribution challenges and provide a plan of action to surface insights you’ll need to evolve your marketing performance. You will learn how Sameer Khan’s award-winning marketing operations team was able to partner with Sales and Finance to implement a multi-touch attribution model. Sameer will share the steps you need to take to successfully implement an attribution model, and the lessons he learned going through the process.

Sessions Takeaway:
– how to design multi-touch attribution model framework.
– best practices for attribution technology and reporting and things to avoid.
– how to overcome organization wide omni-channel myths and challenges.

The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking (A Tale of Location-Based Ad Tech)

Jonathan Dunn, Snr. Director, Business Development, Juice Mobile

Location is a foundational attribute and data set for mobile advertising. But not all location data is created equal. Did you know that a set of coordinates near the exact geographical center of the United States appears to receive more RTB traffic than New York City? In this presentation, we’ll examine the different types of location data, best practices for ensuring data precision and integrity and compelling use cases for location-based mobile advertising.

Using Automation and AI to Provide A More Humanistic Customer Experience

Shaun Banta, Director of Business Development, Cloudbakers

During this session, we’ll answer the following questions:
What is Automation and AI and how do you currently interact with them today?
How can you build an AI and Automation strategy around your customers?
What is already available for small businesses today?

Understand the Winning Advertising Strategy to Reach the Next Level in Your Business

Maya Malach, Founder & CEO, GroWithUs

Any niche/ industry need to find their ways to grow; find the one method with the best ROI for them and focus 80% of their marketing efforts on it.

Learn about tools to analyse the right way, the marketing strategy of your specific business.

Tools to help you not be afraid to look at your numbers, patterns, results and work to make them better for you (not or someone else), not afraid to change, think hard and scale.

We will understand easily, some core advanced online advertising approach, and how to identify what best for you.

You will be able to recognise the core strategy right for your business, and we will break it up into few simple steps to make it clear what you need to do next.

If you want to succeed above the average, if you are willing to work differently and think harder, you will get the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

The session includes few case studies for a better understanding of different examples.

The Convergence of Blockchain and Content Marketing

Leah Faul, Founder and Digital Marketing Director, 15000 Cubits

The blockchain wave isn’t going anywhere, and now is the time for content marketers to catch on and adapt. Blockchain technology has the ability to completely transform the digital marketing industry. This session covers the top five potential opportunities content marketers need to know about the crypto craze, and the ways in which this technology impacts transparency, audience targeting, and more.

Leveraging AI in Digital Media

Ian Farmer, Managing Director, Frontiering

As business professionals across various industries embrace data-driven decision-making and begin to experience the power of precision available at their fingertips, more marketers are turning to artificial intelligence to improve the efficacy of their media placements.

Disruption in this space is being driven by
– Media / Publisher mergers and acquisitions
– an ever-increasing programmatic inventory supply
– availability of smart audience behavioural targeting
– facilitated by automated & intelligent software tools.

How then should marketers embrace these changes to improve their targeting reach and conversion funnels?

Video – The New Search

Roey Rafael, Paid Growth Director, Envato

At as well as Envato, we have been perfecting the methodology for using online video to generate sales and drive user action. From creatives through targeting to measurement, we will review the key points that enabled us to elevate YouTube specifically to one of our leading direct-response acquisition channel.

Where Did My $ Go? How To Measure Real Business Outcomes

Astha Kalbag, Marketing Science Expert, Facebook

In today’s hyper connected world, our consumers are everywhere and on-all the time. More than ever before, our audience is consuming more content, across multiple channels and multiple devices. In this hyper fragmented world, how do you really measure the value of your marketing investments on business outcomes that truly matter? Let’s moves away from vanity metrics (engagement, click through rates etc.) and instead understand how to measure the incremental value your marketing effort on your business’ bottom line. In any case – Don’t we all know that one person who just doesn’t believe in the value of marketing? Let’s measure it correctly and prove it.

What No One Talks About When They Talk About Marketing

Igor Amaro, Marketing Director, ASA Ventures

In this day and age, Marketing has become limited to CPAs and conversion rates. It has
become a buzzword rather than what it really is: a synergy of art and science. Igor Amaro
explores what Marketing truly means at its very core, and what is a Marketing professional’s
purpose in a world where technology has shaped the industry into what it is now. The speaker
aims to challenge the existing perception of Digital Marketing and Marketing in general to help
professionals reassess their current status, and find more meaning in what they do.

The Busy Marketer’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Mbali Ndandani, Africa Digital Manager, Unilever

Marketers have a lot on their plates, and there is often a barrage of information, case studies and best practice, but this isn’t packaged in an easily executable manner. This session will be about sharing executable digital campaign thinking, while giving marketers the right questions to ask their agencies and partners.

Magnifying Your Brand on Linkedin

Andrew Chow, Managing Director, Ideas & Concepts

How to increase visibility of your company and accelerate your career by branding yourself on Linkedin? The art of personal branding today is more than just being active on social media. The crux is about communicating your personal life vision and mission into a prominent summary, portfolio and recommendation. Linkedin is the de facto marketplace for all kinds of business connections from client to vendors to partners to potental hirers. This seminar will guide you on 10 areas of Linkedin profiling to tranform you into an All-Star status with a higher Social Selling Index.

Fixing the Unfixable

Doug Pullman, Director Global & Digital Marketing, K2

A casestudy that looks K2’s global marketing program, and what state it was in prior to May 2017; identify the challenges we faced across our Digital marketing team and how we went about correcting it. Focussing on how we stripped down our martech stack, our entire website and built from the ground up to lay a solid foundation for the future after a decade of neglect; how we simplified our buyers jouney to work across all mediums to provide an omni-channel customer experience.

5 Marketing Automation Use Cases to Power (the Rest of) Your Business

Kevin Butler, VP, Strategy, Goose Digital

Marketing automation is commonly viewed as a tool for lead generation only. Often forgotten is all the other value marketing automation brings to your organization’s communication strategy. This presentation will outline five ways marketing automation supports Marketing, Client Services, and Human Resources as well as provide a glimpse into the future of marketing automation and its evolving marketing technology landscape.

Agility With The Big Picture in Mind

Julia Macalaster, Head of Strategy & Growth, Def Method

This presentation is centered on building out and tracking your digital marketing plan with an agile approach. First, we will discuss how to optimize your strategy and set yourself up for success. We will then discuss how to get your team on board and keep everyone aligned on overarching goals and target metrics. Finally, we will dive into tracking your plan and using agile methodologies to correct or alter course when needed. 

Build a 360 Degree View of Your Customers and Smash Your Targets

Matt Murfitt, Director – Data and Analytics, Goji Web Marketing

We all know that customer segmentation is critical to success in the online world, but how is this done across multiple data sources? From mobile apps, to website cookies, to your CRM, offline data and more. Is there a way to bring all of these together? Absolutely, lets learn how – together. Data Management Platforms such as Adobe’s Audience Manager or BlueKai are often referred to but little talked about. Here we will go through the future of customer data for marketing, ensuring you are up with the play on making your next move into the new generation of targeted advertising as it starts to unfold.

Busting the Myth of B2B Social Media

Kelvin Lee, Global Director, Social Media, Thomson Reuters

Running social media in a B2B (business to business) firm is often misunderstood by most C-suites or even marketing teams. The act of simply ‘doing social media’ for your company by setting up a blog or running Facebook or Instagram ads is long gone. These methods don’t work themselves, especially in a b2b landscape.
Today, your firm’s targeted decision makers and buyers expect and demand a more humanized and social approach on why and how they engage with your brand, senior executives, employees and solutions. Understand why and how top B2B brands break down their b2b social media approach.

Content with Feeling

Keren Lerner, CEO and Founder, Top Left Design

Content marketing gives you a chance to share with your audience (insight, education, personality) and let them get to know you. It can allow them also to feel you really understand them. In this way it has the power to help you build relationships. If you harness the power of content marketing with a high level of quality and creativity, you can raise awareness, build relationships, communicate key messages and open doors – and create a feeling of being connected. Keren will share how your awareness of the feelings, worries and emotions of your audience can inspire content that really resonates with them.

Data This, Data That, Data Why?

Donald Mokgale, General Manager, Posterscope SA

Data This? Data That? Data Why? A panel of experts in their field who are pioneering data usage across Sub-Saharan Africa and are asking very penetrating questions about data, its usage and how this affects business results in both the physical and digital world. We start the building of this sandwich with research as the bread, detailing where we are to date and what opportunities these changes have opened up for businesses. For the filling, we dive into digital data; how its usage and re-usage can help the bottom-line and close it off with location data, closing the loop by getting your consumers at the till purchasing your products and services using data. Bon appetite!

Designing a High Converting Webinar Funnel

Sabrina George, VP of Marketing, Onstream Media

Did you know that webinars are the highest converting online medium available? Are you using them to your advantage to engage, interact and convert prospects?  With conversion rates over 10%, webinars are a critical component to the success of any content marketing strategy. From demonstrations to training seminars, learn how this powerful tool can deliver scalable results when used effectively.

Digital Marketing for Not for Profits

Rhonda Hatfield, National Director/Founder, National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

Learn about Digital Marketing for the not for profit world. Topics covered in this presentation include; google adwords, text marketing through mobilecause, and marketing using strategic stories through social media, emails and mobile devices.

How to Target Small Businesses By Offering All-inclusive Digital Packages

Anthony Troia, Co-Founder & Web Designer, Capital District Digital

Learn how Capital District Digital built their digital agency to a 6 figure residual based company by marketing only to small businesses. Anthony Troia will provide an insider strategy on offering all-inclusive digital marketing packages, that are affordable and sustainable for the business owner and provide residual monthly income to your agency for years to come.

What You Need To Know About Marketing In The Connected Device Television Market

Bonnie Bruderer, Chief Executive Officer, BINGE Networks

Cut Through The Clutter & Noise Of Social Media With OTT Video Distribution.
In this presentation learn;

– How you can instantly have your brand or business featured on 50 of the top connected device TV networks
– How to increase your ROI with video marketing
– Why OTT and CTV are the hottest media properties, how you can access them and how to use them to meet your marketing objectives
– Where 90% of all viewers are consuming video and how you can reach them
– The #1 video consumption site in the world and how you should be using this site (hint….it’s not Google)

Digital Transformation Strategies

Derek Lackey, President, Direct Marketing Association Canada

The pace of change is mind boggling for today’s marketer. Programmatic media buying, digital fraud, privacy regulations, social media marketing content marketing, lead generation strategies… where does it end?

Join our esteemed panel lead by Derek Lackey, President of the Direct Marketing Association as we deal with some of the high level issues that affect your day-to-day marketing plans with practical solutions that you can apply now. Discover how some leading marketers have dealt with the rapid changes and incorporated what they can when they can.

Esports for Business Impact: How to Successfully Navigate One of the Fastest Growing Industries in the World

Chris Parnell, Marketing Manager, Kairos Media

Esports, known as Electronic Sports, is a form of organised multiplayer video gaming events, typically between professional ‘gamer’ athletes in a live setting.

The explosive growth of this incredible industry has started catching the eye of huge-spending marketers including Audi, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Gillette and Bud Light. They are among the brands putting money into esports in hopes to reach the sport’s demographic sweet spot: males between the ages of 21 to 35 who are increasingly hard to reach via traditional advertising.

“if you are a CMO are you are not in esports in 2017, you are going to risk getting fired” (Tobias Sherman – Global Head of esports at WME-IMG)

It’s on the rise, but how and why should brands invest? What’s the right path? In this session we explore this topic further and begin to un-pick this incredible sector.

Tough Choices: How to Build A Stronger Brand, Engaged Employees, Happy Customers

Michael Brenner, Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Insider Group

How the world’s most successful marketers decide what to create, where to distribute it, and how to measure it.

Facebook or Snapchat? Email or Youtube? Marketing automation or direct mail? Instagram stories or LinkedIn? It’s never been easier to be overwhelmed with opportunities to market our products and services to ever growing audiences. But even the most resource-rich brands in the world have to make tough choices. How do we decide what’s going to make the biggest impact on our business?
It turns out some of the most successful marketers don’t see these as choices. In fact, they think the answers are obvious. But how?

In this opening keynote presentation, bestselling author and keynote speaker, Michael Brenner will uncover the simple framework you too can use to decide what activities will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. He’ll show you how brands, big and small, have re-invigorated their marketing (and increased sales) by using one simple question that turns you into a champion marketer.
You’ll embrace the three easy approaches that turn complicated marketing decisions into obvious choices. And, most importantly, Michael will show you how to find the time and resources to do the things that have the greatest impact.

Are you ready to rethink your 2017?

Turning Ranters into Ravers with Social

Yoli Chisholm, Digital Director USCMO, Microsoft

Social media has put the customers in charge and presented them with many opportunities to share the challenges they are having with your product or service. This presents an opportunity for companies to engage directly with their customers and find creative ways to problem solve. But how do you turn a customer who is upset with you into a fan? At Microsoft we work through social to do the hard job of turning frustration into delight and we’ll share the tactics and tools we use to do that.

The Edge: The 2% House Advantage That Turns Soft Sales Into Hard Cash

Trish Witkowski, Chief Executive Officer, Foldfactory

In business, we spend precious time building relationships and value-added offerings for our customers that, in theory, should lead to long-term customer loyalty and sales. However, in reality, we often don’t see the return in our revenue stream. It’s a costly game that everyone plays. And if we’re honest with ourselves, the real cost of the game is much more than money—it’s also time, energy and focus.

But what if you could have an unfair advantage in the game? A bit of foresight, better strategy, and an action plan—an “Edge” so-to-speak? Wouldn’t that change the game completely?

In this insightful keynote, direct marketing veteran Trish Witkowski will flip the current soft-sell craze on its head and fundamentally change the way you think of sales and the customer relationship. By using basic Blackjack principles and incredible insight from counting cards, Trish will remove the emotion and uncertainty from the sales process to provide a more rational view of the business relationship. Attendees will learn how to:

• Anticipate the customer’s actions
• Reset unbalanced business relationships
• Start new business relationships on the right foot
• Play a smarter sales game and win more business

You’ll walk away with an Edge, armed with actionable steps to dramatically increase revenue and forever change the way you approach sales.

Sharpen Your Inbound Marketing Skills

Steve Wiideman, President, Wiideman Consulting Group

Sharpen your inbound marketing skills with intermediate and advanced strategies used by enterprise e-commerce and multilocation brands. Corporate consultant and agency-trainer Steve Wiideman will be covering technical, contextual and off-page visibility opportunities that touch users during key micro-moments, while improving organic visibility. Learn how to marry data from what we already know about our paid and organic visitors with insights garnered from competitor research. Explore recent case studies from brands you’ll immediately recognize and every detail of the campaigns they used to boost search engine rankings and drive referral traffic.

Digital Disruption in APAC in the Next 5 Years

Rajiv Dingra, Chief Executive Officer, WATConsult

In the past few years, there have been key advances in digital technology like The Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), and Artifcial Intelligence (AI) have radically redefined the possibilities of marketing. This session will give insights into the factors that will cause digital disruption in the APAC region in the next 5 years along with tips on how you can prepare your company for this change.

The Art of Storytelling in Content Marketing Strategy

Michelle Dias, Marketing Manager, PR & Communications, Intercontinental Hotels Group

How did the housekeeping staff at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Ottawa West make a video of folding sheets go VIRAL? The Art of Storytelling in Content Marketing looks at marketing strategies that engage consumers in an authentic and conversational way. From videos to listicles and microsites how can you tell your brand story and make consumers listen? Learn about blogger and influencer engagement strategies, plus ideas on how to make your brand’s voice heard.

Packaging for E-Commerce – Challenges & Opportunities

Melvin Ng, China Head, PRS IN VIVO

While e-commerce for CPG products is experiencing explosive growth, this channel is still in its infancy. All stakeholders – manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce providers – are all at the very start of the learning curve. Despite some efforts to serve shoppers well in this environment, there’s clearly much more that can be done to fully leverage this very different shopping venue.

Specifically regarding the packaging for e-commerce, some questions include:
– Is it best to show the retail pack which shoppers are most familiar?
– What other communications can be used that leverage this unique medium?
– How can I balance providing protection versus over packaging when shipping?

This presentation will share new research (including eye-tracking of shopper navigation on both desktop and mobile devices) which helps answer these questions – and provides broader insights for optimizing product presentation in an e-commerce setting.

Building the Customer Journey

Matt Lattanzio, Digital Marketing Manager, Weight Watchers Canada

Personalizing and enriching your customer journeys will increase engagement with your audience and provide them with a unique 1:1 relationship with your brand. Using real-life examples at Weight Watchers, Matt Lattanzio will demonstrate how using behavioral queues to trigger personal journeys can make your customers feel heard and supported, while enhancing your brand advocacy.

Instagram Killed The Television Star

Matt Britton, Chief Executive Officer, Crowdtap

Television as we know it will soon be no longer. The notion of tuning in to a TV network will be a distant memory and the proverbial cord will someday be forever cut. These changes will disrupt the marketing industry in ways that the onset of the Internet itself didn’t achieve. We live in exciting times.

Audience takeaways:
– The coming phases which will signal the end of Television 1.0
– Where advertisers will look next for critical mass
– The role of celebrities and influencers across the spectrum in receiving the torch
– The massive impact of Live streaming on platforms like Instagram
– Best practices for leveraging these changes to propel your brand forward

Attracting Actionable Audiences

Martin Weinberg, Director of Marketing, US, SEMrush

You need value, not visitors. Profit, not pageviews. Website traffic alone won’t achieve your objectives, unless it’s the right audience. Fortunately, the answers are out there, you just need to know where to look. Learn actionable strategies and tactics to uncover untapped marketing potential and discover exciting new directions for your online initiatives.

It’s About The Journey – How Persona Journey Mapping Impacts Digital Experiences

Lindy Roux, Partner, DEFT Digital

Increasingly, marketing professionals are embracing the idea that to reach the appropriate audiences across multiple platforms at key touch points in their decision-making process, we need to understand the specific motivations, needs and triggers of each user type, at each stage in their journey. But beautifully constructed personas and/or journeys are simply not enough unless we can connect them to the experience and content we create.

Being able to map personas and journeys back to content, functionality and channel distribution is where the rubber hits the road and the most significant impact can be made. Join us as we walk you through a practical demonstration of how to use content and channel heatmapping in order to deliver the right experience to the right user at the right time. This process helps to create discipline around content creation and distribution, delivering a measurable impact on the overall digital experience.

1. An approach to persona and journey development that is agile, efficient and effective
2. How to develop a content heatmap to drive content creation and distribution strategies
3. How to measure and optimize your journey-specific experiences over time

Moving from Transactions to Relationships

Laura Burrus, Product Marketing Manager, Zoho CRM

In a world where so much content remains unseen and goes to waste, either because it’s not engaging enough or it’s not reaching the right people, how can you make your content work hard for you? And ensure that you are getting a return on it – whether eyeballs, subscribers or leads?

The Real Cost of Content: How to Avoid Content Waste

Kritika Srinivasan, Managing Editor, Asia, Isentia Strategy & Content

In a world where so much content remains unseen and goes to waste, either because it’s not engaging enough or it’s not reaching the right people, how can you make your content work hard for you? And ensure that you are getting a return on it – whether eyeballs, subscribers or leads?

How to 3X Organic Traffic in 6 Months

Kevin Rowe, Chief Executive Officer, Rowe Digital

Traffic from Google and Bing tends to be high converting with a lower cost per conversion.

Founder & CEO of Rowe Digital, an SEO firm that has worked with fortune 100 companies and high-growth Silicon Valley startups, will show you how his team has leveraged engagement marketing to generate links for client’s sites to maximize an increase organic traffic. In this presentation you will see:
· What link building is and the risks associated with it
· How link building can increase the value your content has to your marketing program
· Types of link building to do and not to do

Achieving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Katrina Too, APAC Marketing Strategy & Operations Manager, HubSpot

Organizations with good alignment between sales and marketing teams achieve 20% revenue growth on average annually. By contrast, companies with poor alignment saw revenues decline by 4%.
Join us for a panel discussion with Caregiver Asia and Cialfo moderated by HubSpot on building a successful strategy for Sales and Marketing Alignment. Learn from these companies about how they have defined their funnel stages, implemented a service-level agreement between the two teams and lastly, how they’re tracking success through closed-loop reporting.

Mobile is Not a Tiny Billboard

Kabeer Choudhary, Regional Director APAC, M&C Saatchi Mobile

The total spend on mobile advertising increased from USD 1.2 billion in 2011 to 36.6 billion in 2016 (IAB-PWC Report 2017) – that’s monstrous year on year growth. This should be a ground-breaking statistics for any other industry, but not for mobile advertising. There is still a significant disparity between the enormous amount of media consumption on mobile and the total media spends.
What is the reason for this disparity? The misunderstanding lies between the traditional advertising approach and the nature of the mobile experience.

Over the years, the entire advertising industry has evolved around adapting the most traditional ad format i.e. billboards and progressively making it smaller – from billboards on the most important city squares to newspapers, magazines, television screens, desktops and now finally mobile. At every stage of the evolution, the advertising industry has only managed to make the billboards smaller which have debatably worked for the medium. However, when it came to mobile the billboard theory falls apart due to the mere size of the screen.

If advertisers let go off their clinginess to billboard ads, smartphones provide us a unique opportunity to personalize the message for the user and create a unique one-on-one dialogue.

Sprinting Your Way to Bolder Digital Marketing Innovation

Julia Macalaster, Head of Strategy & Growth, Def Method

Make business-altering changes in just one week with design sprints. This session will walk you through how you can set up your own design sprint, a strategy invented by Google Ventures, to streamline your digital marketing strategy. Harness the power of the sprint to let the best ideas come alive by fast forwarding your development process and quickly getting consumer reactions to your prototype.

You Get What You Measure – KPIs to Your Online Advertising Success

Jose Kantola, Head of Asia Pacific,

Measurability is one of the key advantages of online advertising, but many are lost among the numerous KPIs available. Most recent best practices on what metrics to look for and how to use them when making advertising decisions.

How Viral Brand Advocacy Can Accelerate Your Growth and Sales

Joe Sanchis, Chief Executive Officer, Queue

Brand advocacy is considered the holy grail of marketing, because your fans become your authentic marketers, sales force, and contributors. Learn how to tap its organic firepower by activating, engaging, and amplifying brand advocate communities at scale and speed to drive your business goals at an unrivaled ROI.

The Future of Video Content Marketing

Inez Gn, Digital Account Manager, Atomz

Statistics show that by 2017 video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic. We all know that video content marketing is the future of content marketing and that every brand should be on it. But exactly what is video content marketing and how should your brand jump in on it? In this age of video content marketing, Inez defines the what, how and why of video content marketing while exploring the pitfalls of overdoing it.

How to Turn a Presentation into a Conversation

Greg Rosner, Chief Executive Officer, PitchKitchen

Pitching PPT slides to uninformed audiences was a thing that died with VHS tapes in the 90’s. With the entire world’s knowledge now searchable in everyone’s pocket, the purpose of your presentation has changed. The art and science of delivering great presentations boils down to getting only a few things right. Audiences expect speaker authenticity and a learning experience. Presentations today of ANY kind, to people in a room or over the web must be engaging, interactive and memorable. But how? Even for the 95% of us introverts who would rather die than speak in public? This presentation will demonstrate three things anyone can do to prepare for and deliver modern presentations that you’re audience will love.

How To Use The Internet to Attract Visitors in Brick & Mortar Stores

Georges-Alexandre Hanin, Chief Executive Officer, Mobilosoft

85% of consumers search on-line before visiting a Brick & Mortar store. In the recent years, the majority of marketeers focused on having the best e-commerce experience, while the majority of their customers still prefers to go in physical stores.

Georges-Alexandre will explain you the best practices used by major brands to drive in-store traffic by using Internet. Get to know how Carrefour uses location-based marketing to generate millions of visits in their physical stores. Get to know how Google will drive even more footfall in the coming years through Google Search and Google Maps. Get to know how Apple, Google, Facebook, here and TomTom will transform the way consumers shops.

Learn how to cope with local voice search and its future: location-based advices. Your locations will need to be more than present on the web.

Local businesses and Retail companies will get to know:
– Why and in which direction the consumer journey will change.
– How to get the most of the current web-to-store offer on Facebook & Google
– How to prepare for the rise of location-based digital assistants
– How we did to generate more than 55.0000.000 in-store visits for our clients in 2016

The Current State of Digital Marketing

Derek Lackey, President, Direct Marketing Association Canada

One thing we know for sure – everything changes. And it seems to happen at an even faster pace! Join Derek Lackey, President of the Direct Marketing Association of Canada and Publisher of Blazon.Online as he moderates 3 experienced thought leaders in the digital space through a series of high level issues you need to be aware of. This session will change the way you think about digital marketing.

Joan Brehl, President, Alliance of Audited Media will address the issue of “audience proving” which has become an increasing area of concern for marketers. “How do we know if traffic counts (clicks) are being manipulated?”

Kevin Adema, Managing Director at Emissary Insights and Carolyn Tracey, Director, Direct Response Marketing at Sun Life Financial will discuss the shift we are experiencing as Digital Marketing comes of age. We have entered the Dialogue Age and if you have any hope of engagement with your brand fans, this conversation is a must!

Marketing Automation’s Role In Ensuring You Stay CASL Compliant

David Fowler, Head of Digital Compliance, Act-On Software

How can marketers stay complaint with CASL and other legal obligations within the digital channel? We will be addressing the current legal landscape in Canada and how you can leverage the power of marketing automation to ensure appropriate measures of compliance within your marketing efforts.

Intentional Marketing: How to Build a Content Marketing Plan that Works

David Elkins, Head of Content Review, Zoho CRM

Done poorly, content marketing can be a huge waste of time. With the wrong strategy, the organizational resources used to produce that content can result in little more than a blip in your followers’ social media feeds. With so many voices competing for reader attention, how can a single article translate to a persistent increase in positive brand awareness? The answer is… it probably won’t.

Instead of thinking about content marketing on a piece-by-piece or series-by-series basis, think instead about it as a dense network of interlinked information which readers explore according to their needs and interests. By knitting together a wide range of content that speaks to a wide range of user personas, you enable your visitors to lose themselves in your content. That deep, self-directed content experience—not any one particular article read in isolation—is what will leave an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of your future customers.

“Intentional Marketing: How to Build a Content Marketing Plan that Works” will explore this new perspective on content marketing, as well as provide participants with a roadmap for creating their own deep content archives.

Why it Pays to Be Likeable

Dave Kerpen, Chief Executive Officer, Likeable Local

NY Times Bestselling author and CEO of Likeable Local Dave Kerpen will share 7 best practices for using social media and social business principles to build your business in this can’t miss keynote.

How to Turn Data into Actionable Information

Christian Cadeo, Regional Director, Southeast Asia , Domo

In a world awash in data that continues to grow every second, how can any company small or large be able to convert this to actionable information that is timely, relevant and useful? Attend this session to understand the strategies that companies in the region have used to harness the power of turning data into information.

Uncover Your Prospects “Buying Criteria” – How to eliminate sales resistance by attaching your product or service to your prospects deepest wants and needs.

Chris Spaulding, Chief Executive Officer, Business Marketing Solutions

Are you tired of low conversion numbers or struggling to close sales? Do you want to know exactly what to say to each prospect that will compel them to take action now? Throw away the scripts and cheesy closing techniques and join Chris Spaulding to discover how to exponentially increase sales by tapping into prospects deepest wants and needs.

In this action packed session you will learn:
* Why the way most sales professionals are taught to sell is ineffective
* How to create deep, meaningful rapport with your prospects
* Why nearly 80% of buyers make it to the end of the sales cycle and make NO DECISION
* The secret to uncovering exactly what your prospect is looking for in any sales situation and how
to give it to them so you can compel them to take action
* How to close without using hard sales tactics
* How to dramatically cut down your sales cycle so you can close more sales, faster and easier
* And much more…

If your company provides a valuable product or service, it is your obligation to ensure as many consumers as possible experience its benefits. By connecting your offer to their deepest wants and needs, it is almost impossible for any qualified prospect not to say, “YES!”

How Brands Are Utilising Social Networks Beyond Acquisition and Starting to Focus on Loyalty

Charles Tidswell, VP JAPAC, Social Bakers

The cost of advertising on social networks continues to increase substantially quarter over quarter. Brands need to become more more agile in their media investments to maintain a sustainable return. In this panel hear how brands are starting to shift some of their attention to loyalty, expanding their reporting scope to include new metrics, justifying continued and future investments.

The Power of Mobile Geo-Targeted Marketing to Reach the Right Consumer at the Right Time

Ceo Wimmer, Former SVP Global Marketing Partnerships, UFC

This panel discussion will dive into the incredible power of mobile geo-targeted marketing and how it is remaking the path to purchase. Here from industry experts on the various ways brands can reach and influence purchase decision making with the right consumer at the right time while also measuring with incredible detail the effectiveness of your ads and promotions. The panel will delve into how to connect with people via mobile, social in very defined areas and drive their loyalty for your brand, location, or event. I.e. Within site of a store location, 2-3 miles of a location, around a stadium or event.

An Insider’s Look at Organic & Paid Social Media

Brian Cristiano, Chief Executive Officer, BOLD Worldwide

Facebook and Twitter have existed for more than a decade. Snapchat recently went public. And everyone from your 13-year-old niece to your boss is on Instagram. Everyone knows brands must be on social media for their marketing—but do they actually know how to use it properly? Is traditional media really dead, and is social still growing? Brian Cristiano, CEO of the Manhattan-based sports ad agency BOLD Worldwide will break down the difference between organic and paid social media for brands. Rob Cressy, founder of Bacon Sports, and Heather Meyer, Director of Partnership Development at Navigate Research, will join Brian to dig into the reality in an unapologetic, energetic panel about how marketers can
leverage both organic and paid social media marketing.

The Rise of Chatbot Marketing: What Digital Marketers Needs to Know

Arvell Craig, Chief Executive Officer, Design That Speaks

By early 2016, messaging apps surpassed social networks for the most time spent online. As the attention and behavior of consumers shift, so must the efforts of the savvy marketer. To access the attention on messaging services, major plaforms like Slack and Facebook are allowing businesses to enter into their services via chatbots. Within just a couple years, dozens of easy to use chatbot building platforms are available. These chatbots allow non-programming marketers to automate conversations, generate leads, solve problems and transact purchases. Arvell Craig will share what every digital marketer should know and do right now to add chatbots to their marketing stack.

Integrating Your Marketing Efforts To Reach The Omni-Channel Consumer

Andrew Jenkins, Principal, Volterra Consulting

Audiences have numerous options for their attention and multiple channels through which to engage companies. When it comes to the omnichannel consumer, do you know what strategies and tactics to apply to reach them, hold their interest, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers?

During this panel discussion, you will hear firsthand from brand managers about their experiences applying integrated marketing strategies to reach consumers in these dynamic times, what worked, what didn’t, and what they learned in the process.

Which Type of Digital Marketer Are You?

Andrew Chow, Managing Director, IdeaMart

While Digital Marketing skills and knowledge are available to all, it is the attitude that determines one’s altitude. Your personality and worldview about people and marketplace will determine your degree of success. This keynote highlights the key personality difference and how it affects our strategy and focus on the prospect and consumers.

Going Beyond Traffic and Impressions – How to Make Every Marketing Dollar Count

Amanda Robinson, Digital & Social Media Strategist, Social Savvy Society

First impressions make you memorable, multiple impressions make you marketable, but how do you look deeper than website traffic and impressions to know what content is actually driving action? Hear from industry experts on what strategies they use to stay ahead of the competition and how you can leverage data to make every marketing dollar count.

Facebook Live StrADegy

Amanda Bond, Owner, The Ad Strategist

For many brand personalities or YouTube sensations, livestreaming is all the rage. However, when it comes to specific, measurable results for your brand, it’s still a highly misunderstood tool in the marketer’s arsenal. Bond will share how to effectively use syndication and a paid traffic strategy to increase brand influence and track the quantifiable metrics that matter to the bottom line.

From Failure to Success with Content Marketing

Arnie Kuenn, Chief Executive Officer, Vertical Measures

You’ve been working at content marketing for while now, but the staff and executive team is starting to get frustrated. You’ve been publishing blog posts, videos and infographics, but no one seems to be reading or watching. The traffic, leads and sales are just not coming in.

How do you get it all done the way the experts say you should? What can you do differently to achieve success – fast?

This session will show you several ways you might be wasting time, money and resources and what to do about it so you can succeed. Join this session to learn:
How to nail a short, yet effective strategy
How the right title and topic can make all the difference
Content you are not producing but should
Your optimization checklist

Omni-Channel Best Practices to Improve Customer Experience

Anthony Antonicello, International Business Development Manager, Delivra

The more technology advances, the more it’s integrated into our daily lives. Even as you read this article, I’d venture a guess that you have several internet-connected devices within arm’s reach.
As we continue down these innovative pathways, we’ll continue to see technology become more important to our day-to-day living. The lines between what we do online and in real life will begin to blur.
And as people change their behaviors, marketers will need to react. Instead of thinking of a desktop experience, a mobile experience, a tablet experience, and a Apple Watch experience, we’ll need to pursue one, holistic approach — an omni-channel experience.

Build a Lean Startup Digital Marketing Strategy

Jena Apgar, Founder, Brand Dot Blog

Does your business have a plan? Create an easy marketing strategy in under one hour built around lean startup concepts; leverage to catapult your business forward in 12 specific, actionable steps.

Where Digital Marketing is Headed and How Your Brand Can Get There Before the Competition

Ronell Smith, Associate, Moz

It’s long been said that digital marketing is a fickle master, and these words are even truer today. But savvy marketers know how to measure only what matters. They also know how to stay one step ahead of the competition, in part by using the latest trends and technology to their advantage. In this opening keynote, marketers will walk away with the following: What the most important trends are digital marketing, How these trends are likely to impact their brands in the months and years ahead, What they can start doing right away to make use of the technology available to them to distance their brand from the rest of the pack

From Outsourcing to In-house Agency: Making the Switch to Meet Your Digital Marketing Demand

Jenna Gehlhausen, Creative Director, TCC

Like many brands, your first experiences with digital marketing may have been with the assistance of an outside agency – one that had the time and resources to execute your campaigns and navigate the brave new world of digital marketing. Over time, however, you start to wonder if these ad campaigns couldn’t be handled in-house. How much more could you get out of your digital marketing if you slashed those agency fees and channeled that money into something more profitable? Or perhaps you’re simply tired of being a low priority with every agency you work with and you wonder how that lack of attention could be affecting your results. The purpose of this presentation is to help you decide if an in-house agency is the right path for you and to outline the first steps for a successful transition.

Media Brand Marketing: Building a Twin Cycle Marketing System

Bruce May, Chief Executive Officer, Axix Group

Media Brand Marketing is a special approach to content marketing that intentionally builds a media like brand. This is not a separate brand from your existing company brand. It is an extension of that brand, one that builds trust and credibility for your company. Many content marketing practices emulate this approach but the real benefits of building a media brand come when you follow the best practices in the media industry and build a true, media brand for your business. Learn the differences between being media-like and creating a true, media brand.

Why Content Advertising is the Only Advertising Left

Simon Kelly, CEO North America, Story Worldwide

Ben and Jerry’s CEO recently said that they view themselves as publishers and their agencies as publishers. Find out why he said that, and what that means for the future of marketing. Additionally, is the “Agency of Everything” an unrealistic fantasy or plausible reality? Attendees will learn what it takes to be one and/or what you have to do to hire one. In this session Simon will also speak about why brands need to uncover their unique Story Platform and how it impacts all future communications.

How to Use Inbound Marketing to Grow Your Business

Rebecca Corliss, Director of Marketing, HubSpot

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional marketing. There is a major shift in how buyers make purchase decisions, and it is more important than ever for marketers to adapt to this shift via inbound marketing. This session will provide actionable tips for marketers to use inbound marketing to first drive more qualified traffic to their websites and then convert more of that traffic into leads and customers.

Keeping up with the Mobile-first Consumer

Pete Grubb, VP, Enterprise Channels, Syniverse Enterprise Solutions

The rise of the mobile-first consumer provides a greater-than-ever opportunity for brands to build loyalty, enhance their competitive position and increase revenues through personalized mobile services delivered to the right customer, at the right time, on their path-to-action. However, the delivery of these types of services relies on consumer willingness to share private personal and contextual information, like demographics, location and interaction history. To a large extent, this consumer willingness is something that has been assumed by brands so far. This assumption, in fact, is wrong, according to a recent multinational, multi-industry primary consumer research study. This session will look at how brands can work to prove the value of personalized services to build trust and keep up with the requirements of today’s mobile-first consumer.

Attract, Sell, Wow – Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers with Lifecycle Marketing

Ramon Ray, Technology Evangelist, Infusionsoft

Every business owner wants to attract more customers, convert prospects to sales and want more referrals from customers. Ramon shares how the three principles of “Attract, Sell, Wow” can help your business upgrade its marketing and sales processes and bring in more sales. Marketing and sales can be tough. However, by following these simple principles Ramon helps small business owners and entrepreneurs better understand how they can improve their marketing and get better results. By attending Ramon’s session – you’ll learn specific best practices to attract more leads (prospective customers). You’ll learn that selling is really about further educating the customer. Finally, Ramon will share with you the importance of wowing customers so they buy from you again and refer business to you.

Social Media Survival Skills

Kim McLaughlin, Social Media Strategist, Lyra Communications

Social media is always changing; new algorithms, content rules, and user interfaces keep us on our toes. Join Kim McLaughlin, CEO of Lyra Communications, as she navigates the challenges facing social media in 2016 and how organizations can take a streamlined approach to content without burning out.

Content Marketing 101 – How Your Business Can Stand Out In a Crowded Space

Jordan Scheltgen, Managing Partner, CAVE Social

The session will go over the current pitfalls in content marketing and how most people are just adding to the noise instead of providing value to readers.

We’ll look at big businesses who are failing to understand how content marketing actually turns readers into customers, and businesses who are doing a great job of it. We’ll deep dive into why you should create content and the commitment it will take.

We’ll talk about how to create a content creation process, committing to it, and measuring ROI.

1. Content marketing is a grind – but the payoffs can me monstrous
2. The idea of disproportionate results with content – If you put in 2x the effort, you leave with 5-10x the results
3. Why you should create content – stop creating self-serving content and produce things people actually want to read.

B2B Digital Marketing: A Journey That Doesn’t Stop Growing

Mohammed Daouk, Digital Marketing Supervisor, 3M Canada

Creating a winning user experience leveraging digital tools in the B2B Safety & Industrial world. Finding today’s customers, igniting curiosity and encouraging a repeat visit. Digital and communications is continuously changing and what happened on the internet yesterday is a year old today.


Daniel Lemin, Senior Strategist & Author, Convince and Convert

Have you ever suspected that reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Amazon smell a little funny? Prepare to have your suspicions confirmed and your mind blown by the scope of the problem. Manipurated is a hard-hitting look at the powerful and misunderstood online rating-and-review industry – a multibillion-dollar niche business that has operated under the radar since its inception. Outspoken insider Daniel Lemin pulls the plug on the fraudulent, harmful and unethical practices of ratings and reviews companies and gives brands tangible, real-world advice for fighting back and winning. Online reviews are the No. 1 source of prospective customers – if you want to protect and grow your business, you need to know what you’re up against.

Why 360° VR Video is the Future of Social Media Marketing

Brian Cristiano, Chief Executive Officer, BOLD Worldwide

If you’re a marketer or content creator looking to engage your audience in an immersive way, you need to understand 360° VR video.

“”Why 360° VR Video is the Future of Social Media Marketing”” will open your eyes in all directions and shed some light on how you can utilize this technology for entertainment, engagement and sales.

Brian Cristiano, CEO of BOLD Worldwide will explain the value, excitement and execution of 360° video through an in-depth discussion and real-life examples. Attendees will walk away with a deep understanding of why brands need to use it and how to leverage social media to drive interaction.

While 360° VR video is quickly emerging as a new content frontier, it is still in its infancy. Now is the time to get in the game.

Sharpening Your Digital Marketing Focus: Trends. Integration. Execution.

Laurel Mintz, Chief Executive Officer, Elevate My Brand

Laurel Mintz will discuss the importance of taking the steps to move your marketing strategy forward with a holistic approach. Touch points will include the importance of keeping up with trends without getting lost in them (i.e. social media), integrating new and innovative marketing tools to reach customers via apps, geo-targeting and current lists and the importance of execution on these tactics to ultimately result in repeat business and loyal consumers.

Data Science in Digital Marketing

Forest Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer, LeadFerret

There’s a new breed of digital marketers who are employing data science practices to achieve better results more efficiently. Whether it’s SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, response conversion, funnel optimization, or web analytics, these hybrid data scientists / data driven digital markets are using advanced mathematics, machine learning, predictive analytics, statistical modeling, and data mining in conjunction with marketing savvy to drive better results and grow companies faster. We’ll discuss some case studies, best practices, and simple pseudo-data-science actions that even the non-data scientist can put to use immediately.

App Analytics: The Key that Unlocks Mobile Value from Your Brand

Nate Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

Poor experiences, low ratings, and missed opportunities to engage and monetize customers are unfortunately the norm, not the exception, for most companies in today’s mobile world. How ironic, given that most consumers are spending the vast majority of their screen time in apps on their phones, which are now viewed as life enhancement devices that provide critical utilitarian function or on-demand entertainment. No other engagement point is as intimate as a mobile app on a phone, and companies that can digitally enhance their customers contextual experiences will have a significant competitive advantage in a world where many organizations aren’t updating or even measuring their apps to provide additional value to their customers. In this session, Nate Smith will share how to organize your app analysis for customer success, around the unique and fundamental combination of high engagement intent, context and recency dimensions that only mobile app data provides.