13 Confirmation Email Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration)

March 08, 2024

By Ankit Vora

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I once signed up for an event and totally forgot about it in an hour. But when I opened my inbox later in the day, I found a shiny email confirming my registration for the event.

This confirmation email reminded me about the event with all the necessary context. It also gave me the option to add the webinar to my calendar — so that I wouldn’t forget it again.

It linked the speakers’ social profiles to connect with them beforehand.

Win, win, and win!

That’s just a small glimpse of the impact confirmation emails can create for you.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I’ve curated a list of 13 awesome confirmation email examples with a few best practices to help you get started.

We’ll cover:

13 Best Confirmation Email Examples to Emulate

Let’s break down some of the best confirmation email examples to give you some awesome inspiration for creating your own. I’ve sourced different types of confirmation emails and will highlight what I liked in each one.

1. B2B Bite

This subscription confirmation email for Jason Bradwell’s newsletter is one of the best I’ve ever read. Bradwell is a B2B marketer specializing in podcast marketing for SaaS brands.

With this welcome email, he gives you a warm welcome into his newsletter, B2B Bite, and sets the stage for future editions.

The email expresses gratitude for subscribing. And it also gives you the option to unsubscribe without any hard feelings!

What I like: This email maintains a warm and positive tone all throughout. It invites people to follow Bradwell on other platforms and spread the word about his newsletter — all without sounding pushy or promotional.

More importantly, the email gives you a record of which ID you signed up with, the source, and everything you submitted while subscribing.

2. Superside

I found this awesome registration confirmation email from Superside for one of their webinars. Unlike the usual registration emails, this example has lots of color, visuals, and appeal to it.

The cover image gives you all the crucial details about the event upfront. And the body text shares more helpful insights for attendees.

What I like: The email shares detailed instructions to make it super convenient for folks to join the webinar. From completing the next steps to adding the event to your calendar, you have everything in one place.

Plus, the message ends with a gentle nudge to invite others to the show and connect with the speaker (Tracey Wallace) on Twitter. A perfect, polite way for them to grow awareness without being pushy.

3. The Saturday Solopreneur

When I subscribed to Justin Welsh’s newsletter, I expected a standard confirmation email …read more

Source:: HubSpot Blog

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