16 Best Email Previewing, Testing, & Rendering Tools

April 04, 2024

By Rebecca Riserbato

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You know the expression, “What you see is what you get”? Well, an email preview makes sure that’s the case when it comes to sending email marketing campaigns.

In this post, we’ll discuss the best free and paid email testing, previewing, and email rendering tools you can use to make sure your emails are ready for the eyes of your leads and customers.

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What is an email previewer?

An email previewer is a tool that helps you preview your messages before sending them to your list. Previewing your messages ensures your emails are professional, error-free, easy to read, and ready for your leads and customers.

Why use an email previewer?

Since everyone uses different email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, emails can appear differently for various subscribers.

Sometimes, images are blocked, alt text is missing, or fonts won‘t render. If this happens, you could damage your credibility and lose subscribers. That’s why it’s essential to test your emails before you send them.

Now, let’s take a moment to review HTML email rendering versus plain text emails and previews.

No matter which email type you choose, you should preview your emails to make sure they’re ready for your audience.

This is especially important if you go with an HTML email since it inherently includes multimedia elements, colors, fonts, branded elements, images, and more.

HTML Email Preview

As your HTML emails become more sophisticated, it’s important to preview and test your emails before sending them to recipients. An HTML preview allows you to adjust anything necessary before the final version is sent to your audience.

That way, you can send your messages to the people who matter most — your customers — with complete confidence.

From HubSpot to GlockApps, here’s how to choose the right email previewer for your needs and budget. Aside from previewing emails, many suggested tools also include other email marketing features, like advanced testing.

1. HubSpot Email Marketing Tool

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Price: $18 per month to $800 per month.

We’ve baked HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tools into your CRM plan. You can use authentic and accurate customer data to power your email marketing efforts.

Because the CRM platform scales with your business, HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tools are ideal for growing companies.

As your subscriber count increases, you have the flexibility to adjust your lists accordingly. Plus, our drag-and-drop email builder simplifies the process of previewing emails across various platforms and devices, as you can see here.

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