20 Email Opt-In Examples I Love (For Your Inspiration)

March 13, 2024

By Kiran Shahid

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A few months ago, my inbox was filled with emails from a health specialist. I didn’t remember signing up for random diet plans, so why was I getting constant emails?

I was ready to fire off a complaint, but I checked my inbox first. There it was, an opt-in email I’d actually subscribed to. The specialist hadn’t been consistent with their communication, so it completely slipped my mind.

This is exactly why opt-in emails are crucial. They save you from annoyed subscribers and maintain a clean, respectful email marketing strategy. Opt-in emails ensure that people remember to give you permission to send them content. Without them, you risk becoming just another forgotten sender—or worse, marked as spam.

So, how do you word them in a way that encourages people to sign up while not appearing pushy at the same time? In this article, I’ll share my favorite email opt-in wording examples, why they work, and how you can make your own.

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The Best Opt-In Messages in Emails

What makes an opt-in message stand out in inbox clutter? In this section, I’ll highlight 20 email opt-in wording examples and explain what makes them unique to bring you closer to creating your own.

1. Pitch

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Pitch’s opt-in email is refreshingly straightforward, saying, “We’re all set to send you the latest and greatest reads, Tips, and resources to bring you along the road to presentation enlightenment.”

Their respectful nudge for my explicit permission is great, too. It emphasizes collaboration, saying, “We can’t do this without your explicit permission,” which makes me feel in control. The CTA also feels like an invite to a journey and makes me curious about where it leads.

Pro tip: Be specific about the end goal of your opt-in journey to create a sense of excitement and belonging among subscribers.

2. Deviant Art

email opt-in wording example from Deviant ArtImage Source

Deviant opt-in email invites you to a huge, exciting club. Their headline, “Get started on your devious journey,” is fun and sparks curiosity. The email also uses the fear of missing out (FOMO) by mentioning “the world’s largest art community — 61 million creatives and over 370 million deviations” to encourage me to confirm.

Deviant Art also makes it easy to sign by emphasizing how it will “take a second to confirm your email” to show you’re one click away from joining an exclusive club.

Pro tip: Reduce friction with a simple confirmation process and emphasize how easy it is to join your list.

3. Icon Utopia

email opt-in wording example from Icon UtopiaImage Source

Icon Utopia’s opt-in email is personal …read more

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