8 Content Marketing Services That Are In Demand for B2B Brands

March 11, 2024

By Theresa Meis

It used to be that outsourcing your marketing meant finding the villager with the loudest voice and wittiest turn-of-phrase to walk the lanes hawking your wares.

Needless to say, marketing has evolved. And with that evolution, navigating the various services available for B2B marketing has become increasingly complex.

While the ultimate goal remains the same (being heard above the crowd), the path to reaching that goal requires strategically employing the right content marketing services. 

We’ve compiled a list of services ranging from content strategy to analytics to help you understand how each of these services works and how they help your brand be the loudest voice in the market. 

Why B2B companies need content marketing services

B2B buying cycles are long and involve a whole host of stakeholders. This means that B2B marketers have to map out and maintain ongoing relationships with buyers across a range of job titles and decision-making influences.This degree of in-depth engagement means utilizing an array of content types across several platforms and touchpoints to guide customers along the buying journey. If you think that sounds difficult, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

A joint study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs identified the top challenges B2B marketers face when creating content – audience alignment, consistency, differentiation, SEO optimization and quality were among the leaders.

To accomplish all of these tasks effectively in today’s crowded digital marketplace requires a great deal of creative, analytical and strategic expertise.

And the best way to access that is by partnering with proven content marketing service providers.

Lightening the load

Nearly 60% of marketing teams cite a lack of resources as their biggest situational challenge when it comes to content creation.

Delegating activities to content marketing service providers can help lighten the load. Not only does this free up your team to focus on the big-picture strategy, but it also ensures that these tasks are being managed by dedicated marketers who are immersed in the latest trends, techniques and analytics within each specific area of content marketing.

This specialization leads to more effective and impactful marketing efforts, tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of your B2B brand.  

Let’s explore some of the most popular content marketing services, and which of the challenges surfaced by the CMI/MarketingProfs study are alleviated by outsourcing these responsibilities.

8 popular B2B content marketing services

Content strategy

In B2B marketing, a well-defined content strategy is crucial because it aligns your content with your business’s objectives and the needs of your audience. It ensures that every piece of content – whether a blog post, a white paper …read more

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