Elevate B2B Marketing Podcast: Strategy & Authenticity in B2B Marketing with Luxy Thuraisingam

May 31, 2023

By Katelyn Drake

What can B2B marketers find at the intersection of strategy and authenticity in 2023, when both elements are playing greater roles than ever?

Luxy Thuraisingam, vice president of global SMB and partner marketing at Cisco, knows the importance of both strategy and authenticity in B2B marketing — and how together they act as a force multiplier greater than the sum of their parts.

Luxy has a passion for catalyzing new thinking in B2B marketing, and for the newest episode of our Elevate B2B Marketing Podcast, she sat down with our CEO Lee Odden to explore the combined power of authenticity and a strategic mindset.

The Elevate B2B Marketing Podcast features unique conversations that inform and inspire some of the world’s leading B2B marketers, and each episode digs deep with conversations between Lee and top industry voices, who are creating impact and inspiring the world of B2B marketing.

In this interview, Luxy shared her insights on many of today’s key issues B2B brands are facing today, including:

  • Creating an environment that’s inclusive and supportive to all perspectives, where we can be safe and authentic
  • Following your professional and personal passions
  • Showing tangible impact on how you’re driving business
  • Leaving your organizational ego and your organization silos behind
  • How brands are authentically helping communities, investing in sustainability, and focusing on diversity and leadership

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Check out the full video of Luxy’s conversation with Lee here:

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B2B Marketing Insights From Luxy Thuraisingam

Let’s also look at some of the highlights of Luxy’s insightful podcast episode.

What are you most excited about in your current role at Cisco as vice president of global SMB and partner marketing?

Luxy: I am so fortunate, and it’s been just over four years and I’m just still really happy and excited to be here. It is such an amazing organization, and it’s also amazing when one finds themselves in an organization that truly is aligned to your personal values. And that’s what I find — Cisco stands up on all things from purpose to social justice. It’s so close to what is important to me at this stage of my life, and then the people — I get to work with some of the smartest customers, partners,  and, leaders who are really respected in the organization. There’s a reason that three years in a row we are the number one best place to work according to Fortune’s list. The work I and my team get to do has real impact on the organization.

What is the importance of strategic mindset for marketing leaders?

Luxy: I think being strategic to me is in my DNA, and I don’t think it’s limited to marketing leaders. I think every leader in every industry needs to be strategic, as individuals who …read more

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