The 11 Best Internal Linking Tools Every Marketer Needs

May 19, 2023

By Rebecca Riserbato

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If you’re working on your SEO strategy, you’ve probably encountered the importance of internal and external link building.

If you haven’t built linking into your strategy from the start, you might be overwhelmed as you implement the change. But no need to fear, internal linking tools are here to help.

In this post, we’ll examine what internal link-building tools do and the benefits they can have for your business. You’ll also preview the best internal linking tools on the market so you can find a solution that meets your needs. Let’s dive in.

What are internal link-building tools?

The Benefits of Internal Link-Building Tools

11 Best Link Building Tools

So, why should you use internal link-building tools?

Internal links increase your link value, which helps you rank higher and get more traffic. Internal links also connect your content, giving Google an idea of the structure of your website.

Plus, your visitors can easily learn more and find related pages.

Internal linking establishes a hierarchy on your site and allows you to give more value to your most important pages.

Let’s say one of your pages is internally linked three times. And one is linked 100 times. That shows the type of content you post and points Google to the page you want to get the most views on because it’s the most important.

However, the process is usually very slow. Internal linking requires going back to old posts and linking to newer ones.

Many people just link old posts to newer posts, but it’s beneficial to point readers who land on an older post (because it has more SEO juice) to pages that aren’t as established.

With an internal link-building tool, you can automate this process. But there are more benefits than just saving time in your day. Let’s dive into some below.

The Benefits of Internal Link-Building Tools

Link-building can improve your website’s performance in search. Let’s start with the stats.

It’s clear that link-building impacts your site’s ranking. Here are five additional benefits of internal link building.

1. You can establish a relationship between related content on your website.

When Google crawls your site, it follows all the links on the page to figure out the relationship between various pages, posts, and other content. That way, Google will learn which pages on your site cover a similar subject matter.

Internal links will establish a relationship between related blog posts, alerting Google to the type of content you offer and building authority in your industry.

2. Linking helps orphaned content get discovered by …read more

Source:: HubSpot Blog