What We Can Learn from the Biggest Brands on Facebook

December 05, 2016

By Maha Chaudhry

Even after all these years, Facebook is still a great social media channel for brands seeking extensive reach and engagement. However, the platform remains a mystery to many brands and their marketing teams. With Facebook’s constant algorithm changestightening rules, and ever-evolving features, brands may have a tough time figuring it out.

It can’t hurt to learn from the best, right? We imagine that’s what the team behind quintly, a professional social media analytics platform, was thinking when they analyzed the habits of the 30 biggest companies on Facebook. The study revealed interesting trends about content, fans, and engagement on the Facebook pages of major brands like WhatsApp, Starbucks, and Nike.

After parsing through the results ourselves, here are some major takeaways to help other brands make the most of their Facebook presence.

Use Video

The fact of the matter is that Facebook’s algorithm prefers video. The platform gives preferential treatment to videos by giving them 2x more reach than photo posts. Facebook Live videos are also boosted through push notifications and higher placement in Newsfeeds. The most successful brands on Facebook definitely know this—quintly found that these companies put up significantly more video posts than photo posts. Start incorporating video into your social media marketing strategy if you haven’t already. If you need some inspiration, click here to watch some of the best Facebook 360 brand videos.

There Is Still Room to Grow

It’s no secret that the social media landscape is pretty tumultuous these days, but Facebook seems to be doing just fine. Quintly found that the most popular Facebook company profiles are getting even more popular. The average brand page gained about 344,000 new fans in the first half of 2016. This trend suggests that Facebook hasn’t reached its saturation point and is still a thriving social platform. As your marketing team tests out different social media channels, continue to maintain a strong brand presence on Facebook while it’s still growing.

Make Sure Your Social Team Can Handle It

When brands were hit with a sudden surge in fan engagement in April 2016, their social media teams were definitely not prepared. Quintly found that during this time, most customer questions went unanswered. When social support did respond, it took them much longer than usual. This is very concerning when you consider that more and more customers expect support from brands’ social accounts. To maintain customer satisfaction, your social support team should be ready to handle unusual jumps in inquiries. Study your own brand’s user posting patterns so you know what to expect in the future, and consider integrating automated customer support to handle basic questions.

There Is No “Right” Amount to Post

Finally we come to the great social media marketing debate: how often should you post? You might be surprised to learn that the top brands have extremely diverse posting habits on Facebook. On one end of the spectrum, WhatsApp puts up an average of 0 posts a day, while on the other end, MTV posts …read more

Source:: Social Media Explorer


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