Women Are Returning to the Office: Fighting the Secession

August 02, 2023

By Adam

Why women are finally returning to the office

After three years of the pandemic, women are finally starting to return to their careers. Women face stronger societal pressures than men to leave their jobs in order to care for their families. When lockdown happened and children were sent home from school, nearly 2 million women disappeared from the workforce, and many did not return to their careers for years after.

Today, more than 77.8 million women are active in the US workforce. With more businesses opening and staying open, more reliable schooling options, and improved public health outlook, women are returning to the workforce in droves. However, women still face obstacles when looking to return to their careers after being away for so long.

One of the main obstacles women face is facing self doubt. Society has made it difficult for women to feel confident in themselves in their professional abilities. From business skills to their physical appearance, women are judged more harshly than their male counterparts which can make it very difficult to return to work.

To help build their confidence before returning to work, some women seek out professional mentorship. Being mentored can help women overcome the self doubt that  can be detrimental to their overall confidence in their careers. By improving self esteem and confidence, the likelihood of a promotion can also increase. When women feel strong and empowered, it shows in their work. 
Women are gaining confidence by investing in themselves which is helping them return to the workforce even stronger than before the pandemic. To learn more about women returning to the workforce take a look at the infographic below:

Source: Sieber Plastic Surgery

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