5 Shipping Ideas to Amp Up Customer Delight

August 19, 2015
Aaron Polmeer

By [email protected] (Corey Beale)

Once the order is placed and the price paid, your job is to make sure the customer receives their goods in one piece and in a timely manner. Beyond that, nothing else is required. Does that mean you should stop there? Not if you want people to talk about you (in a good way). Ensuring customer delight is the only way to build a brand that people trust and share.

If you’ve tweaked every other aspect of your company and are looking for one more way to surprise and enamor your buyers, take a look at your shipping policies. Here are some ideas that could totally change your game.

Clever Packaging

A box isn’t the only way to get your products from the warehouse to the customer’s hands. If you’re selling items that aren’t breakable, consider changing up the packaging materials for something that’s unique and fits your brand. Good, sturdy bags work well for clothing. Fun box shapes may be necessary for items that are too delicate for bags but don’t require a big box full of packing peanuts.

These packages will quickly identify your company in the future. Recipients will share images of their cute and clever packages before they tear in. That kind of brand recognition is even more valuable than the money you made on the sale.

Thank You Note

A heartfelt “thank you” will never go wrong. Whether you include a hand-written card, close the box with a thank-you sticker, or slip in a pre-printed slip of paper, the note will hit the mark every time.

It’s not that customers expect a thank you note. In fact, their lack of expectation is what makes the note such a thrilling surprise. The outcome is a pleased customer who won’t hesitate to tell others about your company’s kindness and consideration.


You could toss the purchased item into an envelope or box, seal it up, and send the package on its way. That’s what most other ecommerce companies would do. Where’s the pride in that kind of delivery, though? What makes opening the package special for the recipient?

With some attention to presentation, you could make sure the products arrive looking neat and orderly. Perhaps secure items with ribbon or raffia. Arrange products so that they look more like a display and less like an order fulfillment. The customers will love the experience and look forward to every delivery from your company.


Surprise Gifts

Surprise gifts are probably the fastest and easiest way into a customer’s heart. Whether you include coupons for savings on their next purchase, free samples of upcoming products, or just a special product that shows how grateful you are, the buyer will love that gift almost as much as their original purchase.



There’s nothing a buyer likes more than free shipping. It’s not an inexpensive prospect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a free shipping policy that makes everyone happy. Consider providing shipping for buyers who spend a certain amount. If you want to make free shipping available for every purchase, you might consider a small markup on every item to defray some of the cost.

Would you be willing to put some of these new shipping policies into practice? If you already use some of these ideas, let us know how your customers love them. We’re excited to share results to help others learn.

photo credit: Birchbox 2 via photopin (license)

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