ICYMI: From Red Bull to Breast Icons

October 10, 2014

By Jay Kelly

Red Bull Wings

Social media moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. In order to help you keep up, the team here at SME Digital has distilled the biggest stories of the past week into one easy to digest chunk.

Acquiescing to disappointed earthbound customers, energy drink manufacturer Red Bull has agreed to pay out over $13 million in a class action settlement. If you’re willing to admit that you thought Red Bull would actually give you wings, then they are willing to give you $10.

The most horrifying doll to hit the screens since that toy clown dragged Robbie under his bed in Poltergeist has been haunting users on Twitter. If you’re not careful, Annabelle may just start following you. The horror flick was barely edged out of the box office crown last week by “Gone Girl”.

A New York woman claims that the DEA stole her personal information and photos and set up a fake Facebook account to try and incriminate her drug dealing friends. With the DEA creeping around, criminals everywhere are staying off of Facebook and retreating to the safety of dark alleys to conduct their business.

In a futile attempt to get Todd Bridges to talk about her, Ohio native Monica Hargrove proved that she may be one of the World’s Dumbest Criminals. After seeing her unflattering mug shot in a “Warrant Wednesday” post on the Columbus Police Department’s Facebook page, she went to the police station to ask them to take it down. Surprise! You’re under arrest.

Comcast customer service is in the news again, but this time someone gets fired. Did a snarky customer service rep promising that a technician will arrive between 8AM and 6PM get canned? No. When irate customer Conal O’Rourke complained about the customer service and errors in billing, the cable guy alerted his employer, Pricewaterhouse Coopers. PwC subsequently fired O’Rourke citing that he had violated their ethical standards and practices. The moral of the story: when Comcast pays your company millions of dollars for accounting services, don’t complain about their service.

DHL is taking some heat after popular Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi was involved in a horrific crash last Sunday at the Japanese Grand Prix. Instead of just sending their well wishes, the logistics company solicited ‘likes’ in a post on their Facebook page – because ‘likes’ can facilitate miraculous recoveries.

Finally, in the “feel good” story of the week, The Breast Cancer Foundation is asking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to consider changing their icons for the month of October.

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