Three Ways to Turn Company Secrets into Content

December 10, 2014

By Suzanne Coblentz

Let’s talk about proprietary content and why it’s increasingly more important for companies to give up some of their secrets in exchange for truly relevant and rank-worthy content.

Now that everyone is joining the content game, it’s time to up the ante and suggest that just generating content is not enough. If your content is pretty generic, you are not winning any points from the SEO Gods, and you are certainly not growing a thriving or engaged audience.

Nope, what you need is proprietary content to make a real splash. 

What exactly is proprietary content? I know what you are thinking…we can’t actually be suggesting that you share your strategy or super secret business processes with the public (shudder)…could we?

Well no, not exactly.

Embrace You

There is a way to leverage some of what is deemed proprietary or intellectual property without leaving you vulnerable or exposing more than you are comfortable with.

  1. Talk about your “it” factor. Every company has something that distinguishes them from the competition. Maybe it’s how you support your clients, or how you deliver your product. Your “it” factor is not easily replicated; it’s a secret sauce unique to your organization. This is something worth talking about and, since it is unique to your company, it’s proprietary!
  1. Feature your employees! Showcase an individual or a team. Most companies have something unique about their organization and how their employees are structured. Perhaps you have an entire CrossFit team on staff, or maybe you allow dogs in your office. Whether quirky or procedural, your employees can offer up a bevy of content options.
  1. Failure is your friend in content creation. Every company has them: mistakes. They happen, but your mistake can be valuable content to share. Have you selected a bad software option? Neglected to prioritize integration of your sales tool with your CMS? Take the altruistic path, and share a few trials and tribulations in the hopes of sparing another company the same pain.

The three ways to generate proprietary content above are merely a toe-dip into the proprietary content pool. We encourage all companies to dig deep and establish your organization as the expert in your industry or in corporate culture. All companies have something unique to offer that is home grown within their organization.

Share how you keep your content fresh and unique in the comments below.

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